Our bathroom remodel is undergoing its metamorphosis, and right now I’d say it’s at the “chrysalis” stage. The one where you are making progress, but it’s not real obvious yet. We started the drywall last night, but only got three small panels up in the shower alcove before it got late. So anyway, I thought I might show a bit of the progress so that you guys can kind of see what’s going on. I’m going to save the actual “before” pictures though, because I want them to be a surprise contrast to the “after” pictures. Well, I might give a little teaser picture….just for fun. 🙂

This light fixture must have been saved from a defunct hospital or something. It's so hideously....institutional.

Ok, so that was the light (one of two) we took out. You get a double bonus because you can see just a smidgen of the fugly plastic tile there in the picture too. Yeah. So….

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of the progress for your viewing pleasure.

Surprise! Guess that's why they had two lights before...?

Pretty new underlayment, ready for vinyl. Red lines mark location of joists.

Our new shower!

The original plan was to install the shower ourselves, however, the timing would have been awkward and inconvenient. Besides, after seeing the guy fiddle with the installation of it, I’m kind of glad we left it up to someone else. I might not say that when the bill comes though. The back of the shower had to be shimmed in, so our drywall on that wall will be shimmed as well. It’s a small wall, so putting up the shims wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t want to do it on a large one.

Like I said, progress is being made, but lately it’s been mostly the stuff that doesn’t really feel like an accomplishment. Things like wiring, replacing the bathroom fan, dry-fitting the vanity, stripping the finish off the cabinets, that sort of thing. They are important, but don’t offer that feeling of instant gratification like getting the shower in or hanging the drywall.

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