Another sewing room cleanup…*sigh*

We’re still in the process of mudding, which is time consuming, filthy, and tediously boring, so that’s about all the update on that I’ll give you. You’re welcome. 😉

Since I’m not really “feeling it” today, I am cleaning up the sewing room instead. It’s got all the little chunks of rotten wood and dirt and whatever else from when we took out the bathtub (the access panels open up directly to my sewing room), so that’s going to be a real joy. My vacuum and I are going to be very good friends for the next few hours. Yes, I really said hours. But first, I have to finish picking up all the fabric around, shake it off, fold it neatly, and get it out of the way. Maybe if I get done in time I’ll even get some sewing done on my second Burda blouse. Lofty goals, but we’ll see……


2 thoughts on “Another sewing room cleanup…*sigh*

    • Thankfully our vacuum doesn’t have bags, but it took a couple of tries to get all that junk out of there, and there’s a chance that I’ll still find more in a few months or something.

      Thanks for the comment!


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