Happy birthday to me!

Yeah, I know, I got married REALLY close to my birthday….which in turn happens to be REALLY close to Mother’s Day. (I don’t recommend this, you generally only get one gift, and it may not be as big as you might think….) πŸ˜‰ Actually, I might be getting a Kindle Fire, it depends on if my hubby agrees that it’s an acceptable amount of money to spend. He did get me flowers for our anniversary, a huge, beautiful vase of them. (Back off ladies, he’s mine!) Which reminds me that I want to thank you all for the lovely anniversary wishes, we had a very nice evening–we sent our kiddo to the neighbors and I grilled up some fabulous steak and twice baked potatoes, and then we just got to snuggle on the couch and visit for a while. That probably sounds really boring to some of you, but for us, it was a nice break. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I think my birthday will mostly consist of having a nice dinner that I don’t have to cook and hanging out with my family. Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual, because we’re down to the finishing touches on our bathroom, and I’m past anxious for it to be done. Well, I say that, but I’d been unmotivated to finish up the cabinet doors/drawer fronts that make up the last of the bathroom remodel. I think I’m just being a lazy bum though, because the other day I went downstairs after finishing up a repair job on a friend’s blouse and couldn’t even work up any enthusiasm for the Burda blouse that I’ve been unable to work on for the past month. I’ve been doing some fantasy sewing though, mostly in the form of staring longingly at Simplicity 1798, and the fabric that I have lined up for it….well, that and stalking PR to see if anyone has posted any reviews of it (none so far). What? You don’t do that?

Anyway, I’m going to end this here, I think I’ve blathered on long enough–I’ve got a Kindle Fire to research. πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. Happy Birthday!
    A quiet evening at home without the pitter-patter of little feet sounds pretty good to me:-)
    I’ve been doing a lot of “fantasy sewing” myself. Good term.


    • Thanks! Yes, from what I understand about Taurus, it pretty much describes me to a T. I can get the Kindle, however, I decided to wait a couple of months until the library starts the program to “lend” books on it first–that way I don’t get it and can’t do much with it.


    • Thank you! I’m holding off until the library starts offering lending on them. I decided it wouldn’t do much good to get it until they offered that (I had thought it was a done deal, but it hasn’t started yet.)


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