Running late, the story of my life!

I’m one of those people that seems to be perpetually late, I doesn’t matter if it’s only a 10 minute drive and I leave the house an hour early, something will happen and I’ll be late. I’m eventually just going to have to accept this as my fate in life. However, in this case it was definitely NOT my fault. Babies choose when they’re going to come, and I have absolutely no say in the matter–not even when it was my own. A gal asked me to make up some burp rags for her right before we started our bathroom remodeling project, but the baby wasn’t due until June, so she said no rush, you’ve got plenty of time. Turns out, her daughter got a bit impatient about waiting around to meet her parents in person and decided to show up at the end of April. So now, I’m trying to rush through getting these burp rags done ASAP so that I can get them to the new mother. I feel awful that I’m just now doing them, but that’s how it goes for me…

BTW, has anyone else noticed how freakin’ expensive those prefold cloth diapers have gotten? Holy cow! I ended up buying the birdseye (?) fabric and making my own, but even then it wasn’t terribly cheap, plus it added more time. I don’t know, maybe someone else has figured out how to do these and make enough money to justify it, but I haven’t yet. I basically make enough back to cover supplies and that’s it. Anyway, it sounds like the washing machine is done, so I’ve gotta go put my new diapers on the line.

It’s a beautiful day out here today, so I hope it is where you are and that you get to get outside and enjoy it before the summer heat kicks in full force. šŸ™‚ Have a great one!


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