Late to the (PJ) party

Remember ages ago when Did You Make That? hosted a pajama sew-along/party? I didn’t join, but this weekend I decided to take a bit of time out of my day to whip up some cute PJ pants for my son. I just used a pattern I’ve made several pairs of PJ’s for him from, so the pants portion was already traced out and ready to go. Do you know how easy it is to sew up something you don’t even have to trace?! They went together super fast, even hand sewing on the one little detail sure to pique my son’s interest:

He probably doesn’t have a clue who Batman is (though he might ask now!), but the boy knows his tractors. So anyway, here’s the full shot on his (unmade) bed. That was one of the criteria for the sew-along, right? šŸ˜‰

Boring, but it was a nice little quick project to help bolster my confidence after being away from sewing for so long. Because I don’t count straight lines for burp cloths. šŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Late to the (PJ) party

  1. Aw, the little tractor is a great touch.

    Re: giveaways. When I do them, I limit entries to people who have commented in the past 6 months (and explicitly say that). I want to give something to my “friends” who take the time to chat with me occasionally! It’s on the honor system, but names I truly don’t recognize don’t get entered. Nobody seems to squawk at my criterion. Other people limit giveaways to subscribers.


  2. Very nice pj’s, I’m sure he must love them. You know what else is a bit freeing for pj’s, you only have to put as much work into the details as you want. If it makes you happy to go all crazy with lace or whatever accents, there is no reason not to overdo it, but if basic construction and speed is what you want, then that’s good too. We are comic fans here, batman pj’s would be welcome around here. Although my husband would likely rank any zombie comic and quite a few Marvel comics higher, it would still be fun.


    • Thanks! I was kind of surprised, but he actually knew who batman is–because when he saw them he was like “Whoa! Batman PJ’s! Just like _______’s!” And then when he saw the button he said “It’s a Ford/New Holland!” That’s my boy. šŸ˜‰


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