Recipes (with videos)!

Have you seen the “Food Wishes” blog? He posts a video that highlights the important parts of the recipes. Which I think is a fun twist, and seems to load faster than those posts where every step has two pictures. You probably have a faster connection than me and don’t notice though. I’ve also seen some of his recipes on Pinterest (you may have noticed my “recipes” board has recently doubled) and seriously, so much of what he makes sounds absolutely delicious. Here’s a few that I’m planning to try very soon:

Just chicken and mushrooms: I’ll confess that I’ll likely be unable to resist adding some garlic in there, but everything else will probably be as written. People who say they don’t like mushrooms have no idea what they’re missing, but they probably only ever tried the canned ones, which might explain why they don’t like mushrooms….

Beef Stroganoff: I love a good stroganoff recipe, and this one looks delicious and simple. I’m all about easy breezy cooking, though this one does have some wait time….oh well, more internet surfing time for me! 😛

Chicken Parmesan Casserole: I love chicken parmesan, but I don’t like to make it. This looks like a good compromise. I’ll bet this would be a good recipe to make a couple and freeze for later. I’d probably freeze it before cooking though, chicken is picky like that.

Anyway, I have a picture-ous post lined up that shows off the booty I’ve accumulated over the last month for the various holidays, but I have to take said pictures first, so there ya go.



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