Home Sweet Home!

Harvest is over, the binning (saving wheat seeds for next years crop) is done, and I’m back home. I actually made it home Thursday night, but I slept most of yesterday, and if we’re being honest, took a good sized nap today. I am so glad to be back in my own bed, snuggled up to my husband. 🙂 Since he wasn’t really there with me very much, it was kind of nice to get back and see him. I’ve been missing my sewing room too, but I haven’t made it down there yet, because I know how bad of an idea it is to sew while tired; but tomorrow I plan to get my happy butt down there and finish up a t-shirt I started before I left.

Also, I’m 3 days away from my 3rd blogoversary, and I have a pretty good sized giveaway planned, so stay tuned for that! I do need some assistance with it though, since I’ve never done anything like that before, I want to know what sort of things you like to see in a giveaway. Vintage dress patterns? Random OOP patterns? Patterns that are still available, but are free to you? Fabric (and what’s a reasonable amount?)? Unfortunately, I have no “vintage” notions or tools that I’m not a regular user of, so that’s kind of out, but other suggestions are good.


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. I always like fabric, or I would have, if I had ever won any. I am not a lover of the vintage, but current OOP are good too.

    Nice to have you back. Where are you that you were harvesting so early? Canadian here, when I lived in the flatland, the harvesting didn’t take place until August.


    • Thanks for your suggestions! 🙂

      We’re in Kansas, and it was pretty early for us. Usually we would be thinking about starting right now, not being done for a few days.


  2. The idea of harvest in June is still breaking my brain, but it sure is nice to be home, isn’t it? Hubs and I bought a *really nice* mattress a few years ago, and it’s awesome, but makes travel really, really painful.
    I think whatever you want is reasonable for a giveaway. I tend to enjoy patterns the most, but on the other hand fabric is more one-size-fits-all. Sewing books are good, too, depending on the shipping, I suppose.


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