I looked at a few of the Burda patterns in the book at JoAnn’s the other day, and this blouse pattern caught my eye. I’m not sure I’m in love with the cutouts (I know, it’s like blasphemy or something!), but I’m wondering if it would be possible to somehow fill those in…

What do you think? It’s a woven with raglan sleeves, how wrong could it be?

Ok, I lied. I actually DO like view B, but how many of those could you actually fit into your wardrobe anyway? So should I buy it?


15 thoughts on “Hmmm…tempting

  1. OK, I’m totally in love with View B. And I now want to be a dominatrix guidance counselor. My taste, however, may be questionable, in fashion as in career choices.

    Did you catch Clio’s post about cutouts and peekaboo cleavage a while back? I feel like this pattern is similar in effect if not in detail. I think the responses seemed to fall along bust-size lines, small-busters being more likely to be in the “pro” camp…


  2. I have been toying with the idea of that Blouse too. And I think it would be perfect for bigger busts (like mine) too since it takes the focus from the bust to the upper bust. Clear as mud? I like that even with bigger bust this seems feminine and fresh instead of matronly. You could fill in those cut outs of course, but I’d use another colour. Maybe use an eyelet pattern and let the other colour peek through there too?


    • I just want to 1) attract attention to the fact that I finally have boobs (thanks, kiddo!), and 2) distract people from noticing my not-anywhere-close-to-flat stomach (again, thanks, kiddo!)


  3. For those with cleavage then the cut outs look great. Sexy too. I can’t carry them off cos I’m one of those ‘without cleavage’. It does remind me kinda of the mid-80s …. I’m having to be on the fence about them, though I wouldn’t buy them for me anyway ….


    • I have cleavage, so maybe I could pull this look off….? Ah, yes, the western shirts with the cutouts on the back. I had one of those in black lace with a sweetheart neckline and a heart cutout on the back….It was actually from the 90’s, and I got it used from someone else, but I wore it a lot in college. In fact, I’d still be wearing it today if it fit….sadly(?) I’m a lot more busty than I used to be, so there’s no way it would fit even if I knew where it had gotten off to.


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