Sorbetto, polka dots, and curls!

Yikes! I’ve got lots of projects going on right now! But first I have to share about an experiment I tried last night–sock bun curls! I did two sock buns because my hair is just a smidgen past my shoulders, and to be completely honest, my hair isn’t really long enough for it. I would say it would be best for hair at least 3 inches past your shoulders and with minimal layers (mine’s layered, and that caused some issues). I think I’m going to try sock curls tonight (the one where you knot the socks (or pieces of socks in my case) around the hair instead of wrapping it around the sock donut. Anyway, so this is what my hair looked like this morning, I’m pretty pleased. 🙂

Not bad for the first try, eh?

I’m also in the process of making up a Sorbetto and a polka dot blouse. Progress on the polka dot blouse has stalled because I need some sort of lining for it. The cotton is extremely fine, (and also extremely sheer) so I’m trying to decide what would be the best type of lining material to use. I’m going to see if I can find some white broadcloth locally and hope that it’s light enough to use. I doubt I’ll find any batiste (something I’ve seen other seamstresses use), but on the off chance that I do, I’ll definitely give it a comparison.

The sorbetto is just cut out right now. I have the bust darts sewn, but that’s it. This is mostly just a trial run to see if I even like the way it fits before I get excited about sewing up a bunch of the different variations I’ve seen of it. 🙂

Well, I’d better get moving, the kiddo has activities to get to this morning! Have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “Sorbetto, polka dots, and curls!

  1. Your hair looks so pretty! Really shiny and thick. I think sock curls are workin for ya!
    You’ve inspired me to try the sorbetto top. I have a yard of Liberty cotton lawn that I got in au remnant sale and don’t know what to do with.


    • Thanks! My hair looks better some days than others, for sure. 🙂

      I’d say go for it! I’ve seen so many cute variations of the Sorbetto that I finally succumbed to it. It’s like the Borg. 😉


  2. Well you inspired me. I slept with two sock rolls in my hair last night and sure enough, I’ve got curly hair today. My hair will initially curl well and then they usually fall out over time so we’ll see how long they last. I figured even if I didn’t like how it looked it would make it easier pulling it all up.

    Sorbetto = the Borg, so very true.


    • My experience was that it did pretty good for the whole day, especially considering that my hair is straighter than stick straight and refuses to curl or hold curl for any period of time. I couldn’t brush it though, that took the curl out, and at the end of the day it was more a hint of curl than full on curls, but it still looked pretty decent, so I’d say it was a win. Especially for the 7.5 minutes it took me to do. 🙂

      Hehehe, I thought it seemed like an apt description, if a bit nerdy. 😉


      • You have to own that inner nerd sometimes.

        My curls are softening but still look good. It is hard to not touch my hair so I’m not helping matters at all. I’ll be giving you credit in a post I’m writing now.


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