Things that tick me off Thursday

OK, so is it just me or has the word verification process just started to get too far out of hand? It’s really frustrating to try and determine the smooshed up letters and also the new thing–a blurry picture with numbers on it. I think I must be getting old, because I can’t hardly read that crap. I literally have to squint at it, and even then it’s really more of a guess than anything. I understand that people don’t want spam on their blogs (or whatever else uses that), so I want everyone to understand that I am not blaming them in the least. I am, however, going to gripe at these hosts or whomever that keeps trying to make this crap more and more impossible for us legitimate users to use. That’s just not cool. Not cool at all. 😦

Bonus peeve: I hate the “new post” link on WordPress that takes me to that shitty version of the new post page (which is actually just a “tab” on the home page). If you want to do anything besides post a line or two of text it’s completely worthless. Why do we even have that?


13 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Yep, I hear you. I appreciate why they are there and I don’t mean to knock the bloggers who leave them on at all but I’ve had to hit the litte circle button a few times because I just couldn’t tell what the original image was.


    • I don’t think the new post tab would be so bad if I didn’t click the blaringly obvious “new post” link that leads to it all the time instead of going through the extra couple of steps so that I can get to the page I prefer to use for posting.

      I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a pain it would be to do on a tablet…


  2. Yes, I hate the word verification thing too, it is a PITA. That’s why I added DISQUS, no spam at all. Don’t even see it. Hey, maybe it’s all gone. 8-D


    • You could have just moved over to the dark side (wordpress), we have akismet–I don’t even see 99% of the spam…. 😉 But Disqus is OK too, except when it decides not to load properly. But then, that’s just how technology is sometimes….


  3. Yeah, I don’t get the word verification. That is what spam filters are for, yes? Mine occasionally catches a real comment, but very rarely.

    I guess I’m happy I never got into the habit of using that “new post” button. The dropdown frrom the blog-name on the top right has a new post option that works just fine. 🙂


    • I have the dashboard bookmarked and use the left pane for the most part, but once in a while I’ll catch myself clicking on that link getting it confused with the dropdown you mention, I guess, and then I swear a bit after the page loads. 😉


  4. I avoid that button too using the left pane thingy too…. so have managed not to get annoyed too much yet. Well, with WordPress anyway, my sewing skills – that’s another matter!

    The word verification thing – I don’t bother trying to decipher the fuzzy smooched up number and just type in the word. It works fine! Don’t know why the number is there to be honest. Anyway, I hear you on that and was thinking about getting disqus but haven’t got around to it yet.


  5. Those annoy me too! I’m going to go back to my blog and turn it off. But I started mine on blogger. How do you like wordpress? I heard it has more bells and whistles, whereas blogger is more basic.


    • I don’t have experience with Blogger, so I don’t really know how well it works, but I’ve been really happy with WordPress for the most part. I love the Akismet spam eating thing. So nice to not have to deal with spam comments–even uncool blogs like mine get a fair number of them! There’s also what looks like a little conversation bubble in a small toolbar at the top next to my name that glows orange if someone has commented/replied to me–whether on my blog or another wordpress blog. That’s probably my favorite feature, because otherwise I had no idea whether someone had replied to my comments on another blog without doing a search to see if they did (like I do with blogger if I think about doing it.) It’s a bit glitchy sometimes, but I’m sure they’ll get the kinks worked out soon. 🙂 It’s tricky to do buttons and such for sew-a-longs and that sort of thing with WordPress–they can be done (well, certain types can), but it’s sort of a pain. I don’t really get into that sort of thing though, so it doesn’t really bother me too much. But overall, I do really like wordpress, even the free version has some really great features. 🙂


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