Too many apples!

Welcome to my pity party.

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d give a quick update with a better (and more interesting post) to follow in a couple of days. There has been some sewing around here, I’ve finished up another 4 pairs of underwear, and I’ve been working on a polka-dot blouse for the last couple of months that just doesn’t seem to aspire to anything more than trash. I’m nearly tired of fighting it, though I think it’ll be a great blouse once I finally finish it.

Mostly though, it feels like we’ve been putting up apples. My hubby has been industriously gathering them from the yard every evening, and they just keep coming. 3 weekends in a row now we’ve spent at least one day cutting/peeling/coring/cooking/canning apples for applesauce or pie filling. I don’t particularly care for apples to start with, but I’m really sick of them now. Hopefully, other people from around the neighborhood or hubby’s work will start to come over and pick some. Please God! We’ve still got at least half the tree full of apples yet!

Anyway, stay tuned for the Burda blouse from Hell and the fun new underwear (think camo!). 😉

Have a great weekend (for whatever’s left of it)!

6 thoughts on “Too many apples!

  1. I completely understand. My parents have an apple tree and I grew up with apple season. Mind you Mom also has red currents, gooseberries and at one point a plum tree. She’s a bit masochistic I think. Apple jelly is my favourite with peanut butter. Mom also freezes apples (mostly cut but some shredded in the food processor) so she can use them in cakes. Good luck keeping up!


    • I think my husband has found a couple of takers on some apples, so that helps a bit. I couldn’t imagine having that many different types of fruit to put up. We have a sad little blueberry bush, a blackberry bush, some tomato plants, and the apple tree and that’s plenty of stuff for me!


  2. I have a cake recipe for applesauce if you’re interested. It is the primary way that my family consume Mom’s applesauce and it’s not all that apple-y if you don’t like apples. If you’d like it, drop me a line at seraphinalina at gmail dot com


    • I’m going to be all over that–we’ve got a ton of applesauce done and more that will be made up this weekend. And these are too ripe to be made into anything else. Kinda wish we had a juicer or cider press, because that would be an awesome use for the rest of these apples, but we don’t.


  3. I had to giggle when I read this. My mom always took us apple picking when we were kids and we would all get SO SICK of apples afterwards. I wouldn’t even want to see an apple. To this day, I’m not a fan of apple pie. How un-American I am!


    • Ugh, if I never saw another apple in my life, it would be nearly perfect. And I don’t mind apple pie, but I have a weakness for pumpkin pie. So I guess I’m un-American too, LOL!


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