D’Oh! Or making things harder than necessary

Random thought: Do people even use the phrase “D’Oh” anymore?

So yeah. I’ve always been one of those people who insists on doing things the hard way. πŸ˜‰ Apparently, I inadvertently did things the hard way, yet again. 😦 See, Burda has this magazine where they like to change small details on their patterns, and re-release them upon an unsuspecting populace. Well, I say unsuspecting, but I think that most of us have caught on to the game by now. Of course, we buy them anyway because it’s either easier or there’s a pattern in there that we don’t happen to have and feel that we must own.

Now that we’ve got that little bit of background out of the way, here’s the duh moment of the month (I’d have said day, but I’ve been working on this blouse for.freaking.ever.) I really liked the midriff and such of the Burda 12/2011 blouse that I made back when. But, this time I wanted a slightly more streamlined look, so I took a lot of the gathering out, as well as the pintucks in the front. To be honest, this was a bit more work than it sounds like, and I could have avoided it altogether if I’d have been more diligent about looking through my miniscule stack of Burdas (seriously, I have like 8 magazines–it would have taken like 10 minutes). It turns out that in June of 2010, they just happened to make a blouse that’s almost an exact replica of the one I am ending up with after all those painstaking alterations I did. Hmpf. Whatever.

It’s not quite finished, it needs a hem, and I’m waffling about some buttons in the front. I am going to post pictures of it as completed anyway though, because I’m tired of thinking/talking about the darn thing.

The blouse of loathing and despair…

Potential button placement?

Closeup of buttons

Anyway, those are the buttons that I’m considering for a little extra something at the front neckline. I’m also going to have to rise the neckline up a bit, because it’s still low enough you can just see the top of my bra, but I can do that while I’m sewing on buttons with a few handstitches.

In other sewing news (I’ve been a busy gal!), I also made up the most perfect pair of shorts to ever fit someone smaller than me. Yep. All that work and they don’t fit. I even put in an exposed zipper and everything! I had finally mustered the courage to try an exposed zip and got it installed pretty darn nicely and they don’t close over le derriere. I’m so disappointed by this I can’t even make myself take a picture of it. 😦

So, to help ease my sorrows I made something brainless and easy. Swiffers.

My son really likes this one, I can’t imagine why…

I also made one using some old microfiber dishcloths that we didn’t really like for their intended purpose. I had to modify them a bit though, they had some netting stuff on the back that I just snipped off close to the factory serged edges before cutting them to size.

So now we have two different types of swiffer. I’ll try to update later on which one works better if anyone is interested. You might have to harass gently remind me later though, I tend to forget to do this sort of thing.

Anyone else doing anything fun/interesting on the sewing front? I’ll be out of commission for a bit while I contemplate what to sew next cleaning up the disaster zone that is my sewing room.


7 thoughts on “D’Oh! Or making things harder than necessary

  1. I love this blouse! since I refuse to use real patterns and am set upon drafting everything myself I keep making the blouses with the same idea all the time (button up in the frnt, button up in the back – you’ll see I’ll try and post them on y blog soon), which is why I love this so much! I love the piping detail and the gathering
    don’t feel about about the extra work you did, it’s always cooler when you did some drafting on your own and you figured out how to do it!


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