By popular demand…

Modeled slacks! With bonus Christmas shirt action! (Click on any pic for a “slideshow” type thingy with bigger pictures.)

BTW, I never really noticed until today that we really don’t have a lot of color in our house. 😕 I mean, it seemed like we did, but as far as colorful rooms where we have enough space to take pictures, nada. So still not great contrast (sorry, K-Line!), but at least you get to see them on something besides the floor, right?

8 thoughts on “By popular demand…

  1. Well done you! It’s a good fit I think. Your husband is a good sport to pose for pictures. Of course, it is the least he can do after you made him such fine trousers!
    I like his belt buckle. You just never see anything like it here in England. Funny things can make you wistful for home…


    • Really?! My husband wears a belt buckle like that every day–even to work. And for me it’s a small reminder that even though he works in an office, the cowboy I fell in love with is still in there. 🙂


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