Wadder-like projects and pattern alterations

I made up a “wearable” muslin of Simplicity 7057. Well, I guess what I should clarify; it’s wearable, just not by me. However, it fit my MIL perfectly, so it has been redeemed. This was the blouse on me, complete with arrows pointing to why it didn’t work for me:

Can you tell how tight this is pulling? And the back rides up too. 😦

This sucker pulled hard at the back under arm. The only alteration I made for this iteration was to petite-ify it, because I wanted to see what was actually needed before doing any potentially unnecessary alterations. I even skipped the FBA, because this had ample room in the bust as drafted. But, it looks great on my MIL and it gave me some starting points for alterations that I needed to do for the next version.

So I decided to give the alteration that the Slapdash Sewist posted a couple of years ago a whirl. Being a raglan though, I went with a slightly less severe alteration than was shown in the illustration–I didn’t want to make the armscye too high, though I’m not sure if that would have even been an issue. Here’s my pattern piece after the alteration:

1/2″ added across the back.

I also added some width to the sleeves because they were tight, and then cut out another version. From the basted fit, it seems like the pulling is better, though I should have made the back alteration a bit bigger, maybe 3/4″. I think I’m going to call it good though, and try adding a box pleat for future non-stretch wovens.

Originally I had planned to make up several of these at once, but to be honest, making these types of shirts is terribly tedious and boring, and I’m just not sure how much excitement I’m going to be able to muster up to make a few more of these. Plus, I’m out of suitable fabrics. And while I’d love to buy more fabric, I’m really trying to use up some of the stuff in the stash, so that I can polish up this rather tarnished halo. πŸ˜‰

I see quite a few knit projects in my future… 😎 I know, I have it so rough, right? πŸ˜‰

P.S. I clicked on the “this post is super awesome” box, can you tell any sort of difference???


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