Bonehead mistakes…

I’m really slow getting around to this coat, but I’ve got some of the pieces cut out. I thought I had them all* cut out, but then I realized that I’m probably the world’s biggest idiot. I forgot to lengthen the front facing piece so that it matched my FBA on the front bodice…..D’oh! Head, meet desk.

I have just enough fabric left to cut out another piece with the extra length, but only barely.

* “All” is a term we’ll use very loosely–since I don’t have the lining or interlining pieces cut yet. I’m dead serious when I say that I have/will cut this entire coat out 4 times–and I’m not even counting the muslin.

Oh, and unless someone tells me that it absolutely won’t work, I’m planning to use this tutorial from Poppykettle to make my own sleeve heads, but I’m going to use fusible interfacing to do it. I figure for a coat that doesn’t call for anything of this nature it’ll be sufficient. I know, I’m such a rebel. 😉

3 thoughts on “Bonehead mistakes…

  1. Have strength!
    I am sure the sleeve heads will work. I do it myself with left over quilt wadding. I am a lot less careful and precise than
    Poppy and it still all works out.


  2. Cutting is truly the worst part of making a coat. Cutting the same thing 4 times is enough to make you scream! But I try to keep in mind that I will get more wear out of my coat than any four pieces of regular clothes so in the end it’s worth it. It doesn’t really help.


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