Things that tick me off Thursday

So now that Christmas is over, I think I can safely post this little rant that I have about Christmas music.

I hate those stupid cutesy songs that aren’t really Christmassy. Songs like “Jingle Bell Rock”, or one of the many tacky variations of “The 12 Days of Christmas” (extra evil if you modify that song to advertise whatever crap you’re selling as though the original isn’t tedious enough on it’s own), or “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”…the list goes on, but my patience wears thin. I guess I tend more toward the traditional carols myself, in moderation. I don’t need Christmas music 24/7 from Halloween until Christmas day. Really. And I’m pretty sure that no one else does either.

Also, traditional carols? They really need a group of people–like say, a choir–to do them justice. So while I’m well aware that <insert music star name here> has talent, their version of _______ carol just falls flat. I might consider Elvis to be an exception to this…sort of…or maybe not. It depends on my mood, I guess?

So, while I’m sure you’ll disagree with me, it feels better to get that off my chest. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, no matter how you celebrated, and my next post will be a Top 5 of 2012, so be waiting anxiously for that, because there will be mention of a certain project you haven’t seen yet…. 😉


8 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. There sure is a wide range of Christmas music fans. I like a little now and again, but like you, not 24-7 and not in November (unless it’s a craft show, then it’s mood music). I like Elvis, Bony M is a Christmas standard for me, Diana Krall, Kermit Ruffins, most Barenaked Ladies are good by me. I’m okay with the Jingle Bell Rock stuff, a little jazz lightens things up for me.

    I don’t quite understand why so many songs are sad. Like Blue Christmas, or I’ll be home for Christmas, or well, Christmas in Prison (more on that in a sec). I get that rough events in your life make for good song writing material (and careers for people like Adele), but why do we seem to want to listen to songs that remind us of people we aren’t seeing, can’t see or places we can’t go?

    My husband is a huge fan of the Something Awful forum. Every year, the “goons” make Christmas music. It really is something awful. Sometimes it sounds okay but the lyrics are not happy holidays at all (Christmas in Prison, Drinking with Jesus type lyrics). Other times they take a top 40 song, change the words to make it holiday like and sing it badly. This year they had enough entries to reduce it to 4 CDs. My husband will listen to that crap from November until January. “Robot Jesus” is not a Christmas song, I don’t care what he says. One of his entries this year can be found here, Barnyard Christmas It was apparently played while a radio announcer talked on a college radio station and he was thrilled. This did not get radio play (but is part of the 4CD set), Drinking with Jesus.

    You can imagine the ah, discussions, that happen regarding Christmas music in my house.


    • Oh yes, I forgot to mention the ones about not being able to see people over the holidays. And there is definitely a selection of “something awful” type Christmas music out there. LOL! That’s probably the best name for it too! 😉


  2. Oh! I feel even more strongly about Christmas music than you do. I worked retail for 5 years, and listening to that sh*t for 37.5 hours per week from November 1 to December 24 did me in. I hate Christmas music with a red hot passion. Seriously. I feel angry when I hear it. I will flee from any store that plays it earlier than December, and I will not go back into that store until December. I email all the stores that play the evil stuff too early and tell them I won’t be shopping there until Christmas is over. There is one radio station where I live that doesn’t play it until Christmas eve, and even though the music isn’t quite to my taste (heavy metal rock), it is the only station I listen to in December. I have actually refused invitations to family dinners because the hosts played that ^%$$# too much, and I just can’t take it.

    There is one Christmas song I do like, that is only because I never hear it playing anywhere. It is from A Very Special Christmas #1, 1987. Christmas in Hollis, by Run DMC. A bit odd, no?

    Sorry Seraphinalina, but Boney M Christmas music is the worst of the worst as far as I am concerned. When I am ruler of the world I will order all copies of it destroyed.


    • Oh you crack me up. Fortunately I have never had Bony M overplayed so it remains as happy childhood memory status. I have also never had a retail job, but I get where the hate is coming from.

      You know, you may actually like some of the Something Awful Christmas songs. I mean, it started because they thought most Christmas music stucked.

      I have a Christmas music story, but I’ve absorbed enough of your blog space for now…


  3. You are so so right and couldn’t agree more. I have developed an ability to filter out all but the worst Christmas songs when out and about during the festive season. Probably a survival mechanism from working several Christmases as a waitress in a 4 star hotel during my University years. Comes in handy I tell you :o)


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