2012. Year of the FAIL.

Well, I was going to do a Top 5 Wins post, but I was looking through the archives and noticing a very distinct pattern of fails. Or wadders, if you will.

This year I had a majority of projects that didn’t work out–either they didn’t really suit my body, I chose poor/cheap fabric, never made it past the muslin stage because they were so awful, or I just didn’t like them.

So how many fails can I find for the year? Count with me:

  1. Simplicity 7057 (Too tight)
  2. Bright leopard racerback tank (just didn’t like it)
  3. New Look 6900 (OOP) Couldn’t get it to fit nicely
  4. Jalie 2794 (too itchy)
  5. Sorbetto (Itchy crappy fabric, hot mess in the back, but worth revisiting I think.)
  6. Burda 12/2011 Acceptance Blouse (There’s “technically” nothing wrong with this blouse, but I’m still not comfortable with the froofy sleeves, so it almost never gets worn. But it always gets compliments when it does????)
  7. Burda 12/2011 Plaid Blouse (This is actually a UFO, not so much a wadder, but it may be permanently in the UFO pile unless I suddenly have a change of heart.)
  8. Jalie 2562 in a flocked chiffon knit (Never again will I be seduced into buying a flocked chiffon knit. Now to figure out what to do with the last yardage I have of it.)
  9. Vogue 1260 (Never made it past the muslin stage. And it was such an awful muslin that I tossed the pattern in the trash.)
  10. A pair of shorts with an exposed back zipper that were so traumatic I apparently never bothered to blog about them. They were made using a Burda shorts pattern that I’d used for a couple of pairs last year that fit fantastic (if even on the big side now), but the back zipper pair was extremely small and I couldn’t get them to fasten.

There’s enough here for 2 Top 5 Fails!! 😯 I may have even missed a couple, but just those are depressing enough. I also noticed that I simply didn’t get as many garments done as I’d hoped this year. I’m cutting myself some slack on this though, because after all, we did decide to renovate our bathroom–easily the biggest and most important project this year! (Which was, most definitely not a fail!)

So that’s probably all I’m going to get posted before the end of the year in….about 7.5 hours, so I’m just going to call it good for now. I hope to have a more positive post in the next day or two, I’ve almost got my Top 5 Wins rounded up, so we’ll see. πŸ™‚

Have a fantastic New Year, ya’ll!! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “2012. Year of the FAIL.

  1. Ahhh, well, let’s just chalk up 2012 as a learning year for you. I bet you’ll have a much more successful year in 2013 now that you’ve got a better idea about works for you (and you don’t have a massive home redo in the works)!


    • Yeah, one of these years I’m hoping I get it all figured out. πŸ˜‰ And in 2013, there may be an even bigger home reno in the works–my kitchen is begging for an intervention (but my budget may be begging even louder, LOL!)


    • Thanks! I’m hoping to focus more on quality than quantity this year, I want to start using better fabrics and consider no fabric to be “too good to cut”. But I also want to do some stashbusting, so I’ll probably use my cheap crap fabric for lots of muslining.


  2. You could call this what I learned about what I like and what I don’t like. These aren’t really fails, they were experiments in shape, taste, judgement,etc. We all need these- they give us direction for the next thing. Keep going and enjoy the journey in 2013!


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