My first FO of 2013

…Is not my coat. It’s a set of burp cloths that were ordered about 2 months ago. 😳

A dozen burp rags ready for duty

A dozen burp rags ready for duty.

I kept telling myself to only do one project at a time, and I was already started on my coat, so…..this project languished. I finally decided that I just needed to break down and do it before the gal changed her mind about wanting them. And if I’m being completely honest it was a nice break from ripping out understitching on my coat hem. I’m probably the only one, but if I have to rip back very far not only do my hands/forearms start to hurt, but I just start to feel a little bit depressed about the work that went in to the stitching to start with. Silly, I know, especially when it’s more of a “cosmetic” fix than one that actually “needed” doing, but I’ve always been that way to a degree.


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