My shame…

First off, I want to say that yes the coat is completed. *HAPPY DANCE!!!!* But, you don’t get to see it until I get some cool modeled pics of it. Seeing it on my dressform just doesn’t seem to do justice to the sheer amount of effort that I put into a simple coat. So you’ll have to wait until tomorrow or Thursday when I can convince the hubster to take pics over his lunch break. 🙂

Before I move on though, I just have to show you the amount of ripping out I had to do before the project was completed (and this was just the hem!!) My son kindly allowed use of his hands for the photo shoot. 😉

Lots 'o Thread

Oh! And guess what came in my mailbox yesterday?!?!

IMG_0178 First Sewaholic

If you guessed my first ever Sewaholic pattern, you’d be correct!! I bought the Alma blouse pattern, and didn’t it come in the sweetest little package? 🙂 I’m really excited to start on it, but first, I have to get to the shame I alluded to in the title.

One of my resewlutions this year was clean up the sty I call a sewing room. It’s terrible. So, here it is at it’s worst. (NOTE: I was attempting to use my brand new Flickr account to post the pictures, but I haven’t figured out how to do that, so I guess you’ll just have to click the link and watch the slideshow there. 😦 )

See what I mean? It’s just awful. It was such a pain to not be able to find the seam ripper I put down 5 seconds before. And don’t even get me started on the “treasure hunts” I’ve had to go on if I ever dropped anything into that pit of filth!! So as you can see I’ve also got some pics of it after I’d been working on it for a couple of hours. I’m pretty proud of my progress so far! 🙂

Well, if I’m going to get to start on the Alma blouse tonight (fingers crossed!) or even tomorrow I’d better get back to it, things always seem to slow down after the kiddo gets home from school. 😉

11 thoughts on “My shame…

  1. Oh please. That really isn’t that bad, you should see the sewing dungeon, oh wait. No one sees it without signing a non-disclosure agreement, and cameras are NOT allowed.


    • LOL! I probably would have kept it hidden forever, but I wanted to put my money where my mouth is……whatever that means. 😉 And I don’t know, it was pretty bad–one 13 gallon trash bag, a box of fabric for donation, and a huge pile of lint/sand before it was all said and done. I still need to fix my fabric wall before I do a “finished post”, but I’m going to buy some rubber bands for that tomorrow.


    • LOL! Maybe the camera made something look better than IRL? 😉 I’m pretty darn excited about the Alma blouse, I started tracing it a little while ago, and will finish after I get my butt away from the computer. 😉


  2. You clearly have carpeting. My sewing room has an F shaped path. I should take a few pictures, I think we’ll all see why I haven’t been sewing much…
    Do you think a few boxes would help your shelf? Then the piles would stay contained rather than spilling over and looking messier than they really are?


    • Nope, no carpeting, it’s some sort of old linoleum. The biggest problem with my shelf is the remnants. I’m a remnant hoarder, and they don’t get folded up–they just get wadded up and tossed on the shelf. I’m hoping to solve that with some rubber bands–roll the fabric up into a bundle and then put it on the shelf. Plus sometimes I’m less than careful about digging out a fabric at the bottom of the pile. 😳 But a box or two might work good for the remnant part or the especially slippery fabrics, so I’ll keep that in mind this evening when we go shopping.


      • I shouldn’t have said carpeting, I mean you have a floor. I can see it is there. You cannot see the floor in my sewing room, just the little path around my table.

        I am less than careful at digging out fabric too. You are really reminding me I should just get in there and start pitching crap to make room for the good stuff.


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