Things that tick me off Thursday

I hate pretty much everything about buying a new (or just new-to-me) car. I can’t think of any redeeming features about the whole process except the car at the end, and really, we all know that that can be a bit of a gamble.

But I think it helps that I’m a research-a-holic. I want to know everything about something before I purchase. I researched for at least a month before buying a TV, yo. I’m serious about getting the most bang for the buck. So when I research a car, I check the car ratings, the safety ratings, the fuel economy (especially from actual drivers if available), and then finally, months later, I’ll have it narrowed down to one or two models and we go test drive. (That might be an exaggeration. Ok, it’s probably  not.) 😳

And that, my darling readers, is where it really starts to go to hell. I would imagine it’s fairly universal that car salesmen suck. I bought our current car (the one we’re looking to replace) when I was heavily pregnant in 2006. I’m still getting emails from dealerships where there were cars I simply inquired about 6 years ago!!! Even after I’ve sent multiple “unsubscribe” requests because obviously, at this point, I’ve found a freakin’ car!! So, note to you guys, don’t ever use that email feature on or etc., because you will never be removed from the mailing list.

Some of the things that have actually happened to us when attempting to purchase a car:

  • Been yelled at by a manager for not buying a car we didn’t want.
  • Had the salesguy test drive with us and interject over every comment we made about the car (it was a car we didn’t like). He doesn’t have to like it, but he didn’t need to keep interrupting and telling us we were wrong either. Seriously, the policy where the salesman rides with you is bullshit. You know who I am, where I live, my cell phone number, that I have insurance, and probably ran a background check on me that would impress the freakin’ CIA. I. don’t. need. you. to. come. with. me. I’m not a toddler, mmmmkay? I promise that I can handle this car on the big scary road all by myself.
  • I’m the one that does all the research, so it really annoys me when the salesmen assume that I know absolutely nothing about the car except “ooh, such a pretty color” or “look it has those same flappy things on the windshield that my car does!” I mean really. 🙄 Some do handle it better than others though, I will say that.
  • Been lied to. (Seriously, if you’re going to try and sell me a car as from a nonsmoking previous owner, you’d damn well better make sure it doesn’t still stink like a freakin’ ashtray. How was I supposed to miss that?)
  • Salesmen who know nothing about the car–such as the difference between FWD and AWD. Really?! You can’t tell? Maybe you need to go to “car college“. (Link NSFW. I ❤ Ron White, even if he is crude.)
  • Recently we were just looking to see if they had the car we’re looking at in a couple of colors to help us come to a decision (just driving through the lot browsing while killing time before meeting with some friends) and a salesguy comes out to talk to us and takes up what little time we had telling us random crap about how  crappy my car is (really dimwit? I drive it every day!) and how he had went to a party where we were “from” and found out that one of the cars for sale actually did get the mileage promised and thank the lord because he didn’t have any money to buy gas. There was so much WTF going on there it makes my head hurt. Funny thing is? We’d determined they didn’t even have the car we wanted on that lot (they had two lots and we were on the wrong one) and were leaving when he stopped us!
  • The push to sell you the extras too. “I already have great insurance that I’m very happy with.” “No, I don’t want the GAP coverage.” “I don’t live in this town, what good will it do me to have ‘free’ carwashes?” “I have been able to change my own oil since I was a freshman in high school, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out….”

We haven’t finished the process on this one yet, so I’m sure there’s gonna be something I could add to this list, but unfortunately I can’t see into the future. If only.

Car buying sucks, I can’t wait for this time to be over.


3 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Amen! My husband was tainted as a mechanical engineer, so he chooses the vehicle and the spec. My only input is colour:-)
    I worked as a global purchasing manager, so I do the negotiation. I research what the dealers cost should. If the salesman doesn’t have beads is sweat on his forehead, I’m doing something wrong.
    We get away with it because we always own our cars outright and buy with cash. They don’t give us a cash discount or anything, but not having the time bomb of a lease ending soon means that they can’t pressure us. I can just walk away. Sweet.
    Good luck to you. It’s so frustrating.


  2. We’re researchers too before buying most things. I mean buying a new food processor took loads of time ….. and they’re not that expensive! I have to say that perhaps the car sales folk here are less annoying and less rude ….. or perhaps we were lucky with the ones we had to talk to. That being said I hate buying cars and other big things. Real estate sales people – well don’t get me started.


    • We actually had a much better sales guy experience this time, and we got a car that we really like so far. Oh sure, we’ve got a couple of minor complaints, but overall we really like it, and the dealer we bought it from was pretty decent. 🙂


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