The so-called “too good to cut” fabric

I’m in the jar over at DidYouMakeThat, about using some of the fabric that I’ve been hoarding because it’s “too good to cut”. So, in order to help keep me in line, I’m posting the picture of the fabrics that have thus far remained in my stash. Also, a couple of these, I have no idea what I should make with them, but I know that you, my brilliant readers, have some fabulous ideas to help nudge me along. 🙂

Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!

Here’s what the pieces are from top left to bottom right:

(Note: some are repeats because of the way I took the pictures and then collaged them.)

  • Wool/Acrylic blend in grey/turquoise plaid, seems like I have about 2.5 yards
  • Stretch cotton plaid, black with purple and white plaids. I may or may not have two pieces of this for a grand total of probably around 5 or 6 yards. 😳 What can I say; I thought it was gorgeous.
  • White linen floral, should have about 2.5 yards
  • Top right is a navy silk/cotton blend with a slightly shiny floral design, 3 yards of 45″…I think.
  • Center is a turquoise and grey-ish brown floral-y silk/cotton blend 3 to 3.5 yards.
  • Bottom left is an orange poly charmeuse in this awesome swirled design, 1.5 yards or thereabouts.
  • Bottom right is the most awesome snakeskin-like textured knit in a gorgeous shade of purplish grey. I think there might be about 2 yards there.

So those are my “too good to cut pieces”, and surprisingly, of those, 2 came from Jo-Ann’s, so they aren’t all in this pile because they’re expensive pieces, they’re there because I loved the feel/color/print. 🙂

Are you wondering why I would hoard these? Do you have any ideas on what to use them for?

12 thoughts on “The so-called “too good to cut” fabric

  1. White linen floral – long swishy skirt. Plaid, dress, winter obviously. Navy silk – shirtwaister, orange poly charmeuse – huge overshirt with big sleeves, strappy evening or cocktail dress, snakesking knit – top with an unusual cut, and a bit of draping, stretch cotton plaid – pass, turquoise and grey silk cotton blend – sheath dress and jacket. There, that’s sorted ha ha.
    I’m getting better at the too good to cut dilemma, here’s the tip:- try to see each piece you hack into as an excuse to buy another length of fabric of similar quality.


  2. Oh I do have some silks and wools I love and they’re great quality so I bought them thinking “when I’m good enough I’ll make something wonderful”! Haven’t yet and am not yet but I have taken some out for sewing damnit.

    I agree with all the thoughts above about what to make with them – what’re your plans?


    • I did the same thing, bought some nicer stuff thinking I’d sew it up when I either a) improved my skills or b) lost some weight. I don’t know that either of those things are going to happen according to the vision I had in my head, so I’d probably be best off to just sew it up and enjoy it in the meantime.


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