Things that tick me off Thursday

A quick and dirty peeve today, enjoy! 😉

You know how when a blogger or whoever puts a recipe on the internet and suddenly all sorts of people question the authenticity of the dish? Who cares if the goulash is traditional or not?! The average sane person cares about whether it’s good! It drives me absolutely bonkers when idiots get their panties in a twist about how they know that recipe is wrong because by God! Their Hungarian grandmother didn’t make it that way! Seriously?! No one cares! No. one. I mean, my dad taught me how to cook a hamburger, but it doesn’t mean I do it the same way he did–his are usually almost meatball shaped and well blackened, mine aren’t. So just because he does it that way doesn’t make it right, (or wrong, if that’s how he likes it) and I certainly see no reason whatsoever to go bash on someone else’s recipe just because it’s not how Great Aunt Whats’ername did it. 🙄


10 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Here’s cheers to that! I hate people who believe their way is the only way or the right way. It’s terribly tiresome. I imagine though it’s also exhausting to maintain perfection and perhaps that’s what makes them so angry and aggressive 🙂


  2. Totally hear you on this. I was looking for a slow cooker recipe for flank steak and I found one that used ingredients that I had and I started reading reviews. All the negative reviews were exactly as you say, criticism of the title because that’s not “real” whatever. I don’t care.

    I also don’t like people who say “wow that was awesome but I changed every ingredient except the cilantro”.


    • 😳 I might almost be one of those people who changes everything but the cilantro….well, maybe not, but I know that if a recipe has onions and/or bell peppers, those are absolutely not going to make it into my version, and I’m known for eyeballing over actual measurements.


      • Oh I am too. I made some slow cooker flank steak thing for dinner with my SIL last week and I didn’t have an egg, only had havarti cheese, used Mom’s tomato sauce instead of whatever pasta sauce, etc… but I didn’t review the recipe. I like it when people say “I thought it would be better with more garlic” or “cooking time was too long” but to change everything and say it was a great recipe? Not really, that’s a new recipe.


  3. Preaching to the choir girl! I’m a math teacher and there are constantly debates about the ” right way” to teach a concept. Welcome to the world, everyone is different!


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