I’m not entirely sure how that became the term for surrender, but English is a rather hilarious language sometimes.

So yeah, I’m giving up. I have tried several different times to make a bra that fits for the sewalong, but I can’t seem to make it big enough without distorting it, so I’m just quitting. Sewing is my hobby and it’s supposed to be fun, this isn’t fun anymore. I have a short fuse anyway, though I usually am stubborn enough to stick it out, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been avoiding my sewing room, and that’s not cool either. So, I picked up all my stuff, put it away, and maybe sometime in the future I’ll give it another shot. I know that Miss Celie has had good luck with the Sewy Rebecca, and someday when I’m over my snit, maybe I’ll order it and give it a try.

Next up is boring stuff; pajamas for my son. I’d swear he’s grown 6 inches since last summer, so all of his pajamas are ridiculously short. I’m terrified about him outgrowing his jeans (because they’re getting close too!) since he has a teeny tiny waist/hips and loooooooong legs. I’ve considered sewing them for him, but they have so many details to look “right”, and it’s a ton of work for something he might outgrow before I even finish them!


10 thoughts on “UNCLE!!

  1. You know it just might not be the right style for you. Kwik Sew 2101 fits me horribly but it works well for my MIL and I’m pretty sure Myrna uses that pattern. I much prefer Elan bras, 645 is a bit retro pointy but at least I don’t have the upper cup gap I get with KW2101. How is the pattern you used different from what you like to wear? If you usually have a 3 piece cup in RTW, it might be worth trying a 3 piece cup for your pattern.

    But I do agree on walking away and coming back to it. I find bra making is like an itch that comes back every few months. With my parents in Florida making shipping cheap (although I have to wait for them to come back in March) I’ll be ordering a few supplies from Sew Sassy I’m short on.


    • I used a pattern at first, but when it failed, I decided to use a bra that I liked to clone it. But, apparently it’s harder to grade up a bra than it sounds, because even with grading it was way too small. 😦 I’m rather glad that I’m putting it aside for now, because I just felt a lot “lighter” after putting it away.


      • Cloning kind of intimidates me. The difference in a millimeter here or there can throw things out of whack. I get it when I read directions but it still seems… hard. Take a break, the itch to do it again will return when you have your “duh” moment.


  2. You’re right to walk away when it starts getting stressful. That’s not what its for and maybe one day you’ll pick it up again. Bet you learning some interesting and useful sewing techniques along the way anyway.


  3. Yup. Just walk away. For the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to make a bra. I know we are all different, but anyway. Go and sew something fun and easy and brainless and colourful er colorful if you are American 8-).


    • Well, K-Line is always talking about her matching sets, so I thought I’d like to try a matching set for a change. 😉 Plus, there’s only so many push-up plunge bras (those work best for me) out there, and they are often kind of plain and boring (not to mention regularly discontinued).
      P.S. I’m an American, but I don’t worry about spelling discrepancies too much, I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to spell grey with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’, but I never do…. 😉


  4. Oh, good for you! I just recently put away a maternity top I cut out at the beginning of my pregnancy and gave myself permission not to finish it. I felt like I should since, you know, there’s only a short span of time to wear it. And I already cut the fabric. But I was avoiding my sewing room, too. Now that I’ve put it up I feel so much better.


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