Itty Bits; better late than never!

Over at Cation Designs, there is a themed stashbusting event going on. There’s a different theme every month, and for January the theme was itty bits; stashbusting using up those little pieces (>1 yd) in your stash. I happened to have a few of those, so I did what I guess you could say I always do. I made up underwear. What? They’re fun to sew up, and they get rid of those little pieces that take up an obscene amount of space (seriously, they completely defy the laws of physics!!) I’ve got fabric on order* ya’ll, I need a place to put it! 😉

Anyway, my pledge was to use at least 10 pieces, 8 remnants, and I think 7 patterns from my stash. This little project got rid of 2 remnants, so I’ve only got 6 to go! (Though I’m going to try to use them up for varied things, maybe I’ll only let 1/2 of them count for underwear.)

Here’s the two pieces that I used up. As a bonus, it’s almost like a Jungle January redux! 😉

So I guess I’d better get pictures of my pieces for February’s “Love Challenge”. Hubby is needing some new shirts, and I’m making PJ’s for the kiddo anyway. 😉

* Does that make me seem hypocritical or something? In the interest of full disclosure though, most of the fabric is for some PJ’s for my kiddo. There’s only a couple of pieces for me.

P.S. Is there a way to get pictures from flickr to here without making everything public on flickr? It seems silly to me that I have such a hard time posting my own d@mn photos to my own d@mn blog! 😡 Currently, I seem to have to put them as public, click on them, click on them again with the little “magnifying glass”, choose a “size”, then right click on them and choose “copy image location”. There has got to be a better way, or else I need to quit using flickr….


6 thoughts on “Itty Bits; better late than never!

  1. Lovely use of remnants.
    I use Picasa, there I can have a webalbum which is not public, and still use a link to the photos directly. I haven’t used my Flickr account for years now, so I don’t know, but they might have a similar option.


  2. I don’t think you can display a flickr photo without making it public. You can get code that will embed the photo by clicking on “share” above the photo. Here’s a screenshot: This gives you a complete piece of code and only requires one click. The downside is that if you want a different size you have to manually change it. Blogger’s default small/medium/large sizes are not scaled well for my 600 pixel wide area, but WordPress might be easier.


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