A pretty green FAIL…

So. I’ve been dreading this post, since a couple of you expressed interest in the fabric and/or the pattern. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened, but this just didn’t work out for me. I suspect that the slippery fabric got off grain a bit (or perhaps a lot)? Anyway, it pulls oddly (while being a bit big everywhere), there’s a strange “poof” under each of the bust darts as though they aren’t big enough, but it pulls the blouse up awkwardly if I pin it out….?

See the weird poof near the bust dart?

Oddly enough, the double side boob look doesn’t appeal.

I don’t know. I’ve fiddled around with the pattern until my muslin seemed like it was going to be perfect, and then to cut it out and have it be all strange has kind of ticked me off. I would try to salvage it, except for the fact that it’s too short…I don’t know if it shrunk while I was pressing it?? I did prewash it, and send it through a fairly hot dryer, but I’ll confess that I had to use a pretty hot iron on it to get the darts to even come close to being pressed flat. I just know that when I lift my arms, way too much of my belly is on display, and no one wants to see that!

I could probably “fake it” if I wore it with an elastic belt, but I’m tired of ending up with stuff that I have to belt for it to look right. I just hate belts, OK!? I don’t like them on pants, I don’t like them around my ribcage (because that’s where they always end up–right under my boobs), and wow does that sound like a whiny little kid. 😳 Well, I guess that’s just how I roll sometimes. LOL. Seriously though, I have to wear one to hold my pants up, I’d really prefer not to wear one to “hold my chest up” too. πŸ˜› (No, it doesn’t really do that, but they ride up and look like that’s what it’s doing.)

But lest you think this post is a complete whinefest, I did learn a lot about my body and it’s particular fit issues as well as how to fix the flat pieces of paper to get the results I want. And I also learned that apparently you can do 2 FBA’s to get a more accurate result, which is something I’m definitely going to start doing, because one huge one really makes the armscye awkward, and the dart unwieldy (plus it ends up not quite big enough). I definitely liked cutting out the size 8 in the front (and a 12 in the back), I think it came closest to fitting my more-appropriate-for-a-10-year-old shoulders and upper chest than the 12 does. I really need to figure out a good method of scooping out across the high bust area though, seems like no matter what I do the set in sleeves get strange wrinkles in the front next to my boobs, but the alternative seems to be lots of pulling when I move my arms forward. Any fitting experts who know what I’m doing wrong, I’m desperate to hear from you!!

So, next I think I need a quick and easy project, and I’ve got just the fabric and pattern. After that, I have a couple of dresses that I’ve been wanting to make up since my one and only pair of remaining slacks are getting too big and are also dry clean only (seriously, I have no idea why I bought dry clean only pants–especially not dirt magnet black wool pants!) Plus, I think I’d like to wear a few more dresses…just to see how I like them over the long term. I’ve always thought them too girly, but maybe my tastes have changed. We’ll see. Anyway, congratulations if you make it through this excessively long and boring novel post! You are awesome!! Mwah!

12 thoughts on “A pretty green FAIL…

  1. I know your pain ;-). Using two parallel darts is one way to reduce the poofiness. Hope some fitting experts comment here, cos I’d like to know how to get rid of those wrinkles/pulls with set in sleeves…In the meantime, you might find the FBA tutorials by Debbie Cook (Stitches & Seams) helpful – see: http://stitchesandseams.blogspot.com.au/2001/02/tutorials.html.
    They’re great for explaining FBAs on a range of different styles – ie raglan sleeved bodice, empire waist bodice, cross over bodice.


    • Wouldn’t the two darts look odd? I have also considered moving the darts down under my bust to help showcase the slimmest part of my torso (underbust), but it’s technically wrong, and I was afraid that it would look odd as well.

      I had forgotten about Debbie’s FBA tutorials, now that I know how much to add I should definitely go back and read through hers for various styles of blouse. Thanks for the reminder!


      • The two darts split the amount to be taken up, so they aren’t as long or obvious as one big one…Susan Veblen’s PR online FBA class was where I learned about this technique. I found it very worthwhile…still refer to her notes more than any other FBA reference.


  2. I have no fitting advice, being a total amateur myself. Sometimes, though, I find that my fit problems are simply due to the fabric not being so great. Sorry I’m no help!


    • That could have been part of it here. This was a very thin stretch poly charmeuse, but it felt very nice against the skin for poly. I think I’m going to refashion it into some comfy shorts for bed. πŸ™‚


  3. These experiences, while they don’t yield the desired finished product (and in that sense they’re FRUSTRATING) are terrific for the learning. You’ll get more from this outcome than one that works the way you expected.


  4. Oh pooh the top didn’t work out cos I do like that fabric too. K-Line is absolutely right … Hoorah to learning, even if it is helluva frustrating. I can attest to that :o))

    I’m learning about fitting tops too at the moment and would love to see pics of those sleeve-bodice front bust wrinkles. There seem to be so many things that can generate wrinkles and pulls around pesky arms and boobage.

    I reckon the poly would make lovely shorts for bed. Good idea.


  5. Sorry this didn’t turn out the way you wanted. I had one of these fitting experiences on my blue Sonja dress – I spent HOURS fitting the muslin until it was perfect, but when I cut the fashion fabric it didn’t fit at all! I’m not sure how or why that happens, but I think it happens to everyone. But it’s good that you learned more fitting tricks through this blouse, so I’d say it was a success in that aspect. I bet this makes really cute pj shorts!


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