Things that tick me off Thursday

This is going to be a rather controversial peeve, I’m sure, but it’s one that just absolutely grates on my (old-fashioned, apparently) nerves. Everyone loves their cell phones, I get it, really I do. In fact, if mine did all the cool stuff that most people’s did, I’d probably be more addicted to mine too…..BUT….there is no excuse for being on it whilst in the checkout line, at the dinner table, etc. etc.

If you are eating dinner, you shouldn’t be talking on the phone–pay attention to your family and/or your food (you wouldn’t want to accidentally swallow a hair or stray fly because you’re too absorbed in your call/text/surfing to notice it do you? ewww) and respect the other diners who maybe don’t want to listen to you shout into your cell phone at a neighboring table (or even all the way across the restaurant in some cases). Of course, I also hate this at my own table as well…if it’s that urgent, please excuse yourself from the table.

If you are shopping or checking out, you should also not be on the phone. It’s rude to the cashiers, rude to other customers, and again, no one wants to listen to your drama at an increased volume while they wait as patiently as possible in a long line behind you waiting for you to key in your eff-in’ PIN already!!

No idea if he really said that, but I thought it fit.

No idea if he really said that, but I thought it fit.

I’ve debated posting this, because I know how controversial it’s going to be, but I decided that this is my platform to rant, so I’m going to utilize it. Please! I’m begging you to use your cell phone responsibly!!


17 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. You wont get a dark look from me, the more I explore my phone the more tethered to it I feel. I want an escape from it at meals especially! I think if you are being helped by someone, they deserve your full attention. You arent in a bubble- we have to hear your conversation, too! My biggest peeves are calls in public bathrooms- really? You cant be alone for 2 minutes? Also, speakerphones on cells in public- just ghastly!


  2. No disagreement here. In fact I can add one more. When one is in the company of people of ages ranging from teens to twenties, apparently the only way to get their undivided attention is to text them. Seriously, I have spent time with a couple of younger people who spent the entire time I was with them looking at their f@ck!ng phone. Now, I accept the fact that I may not be the most fascinating person in the world, but really? Where did the manners go?


  3. I totally agree! I cannot tolerate someone who is checking out, or ordering, and is also having a conversation on their phone. If you are interacting with someone in person, give them your full attention – not your phone! It is disrespectful and flat out rude! Same goes for talking/texting at the dinner table. You will live if you put your phone away for 30 minutes. Promise. I do use my phone when grocery shopping though – I have a shopping list app where I’ve arranged the categories in the order that they are located in the store…I’d be absolutely lost without it. But, I see exactly what you’re saying and couldn’t agree more.


  4. I agree 100%. I am a teacher and I have to deal with kids playing on their phones in the middle of a lesson. I can’t even fathom doing something like that when I was in school at their age (or even more recently when I actually HAD a phone, in college). People need to learn simple rules of etiquette and teach their kids how rude this behavior can be.


    • I’m surprised that they’re allowed in the school, when I was in college, if it came out of your pocket or rang it was confiscated until the end of class. It seems like there was a demerit of some sort if it happened more than a couple of times too, but it depended on the professor.


  5. I’m in total agreement.And can I add ‘holding looooooong very personal phone conversations about your intimate life loudly whilst sharing public transport with a hapless audience’ to the rant? Do people relate to others face to face any more, or has an evolutionary change in the species crept in? I mean some of us still have ears which work all by themselves.


  6. No disagreement from me. Though I’m the one who still has a flip phone and when I pulled it out so I could text a friend to give her my number, she said, “Is that actually your phone???” It was amusing.

    The boyfriend has serious ADD and I was pretty fearful when he got an iPhone that we would never actually make eye contact again. Luckily, he is a stickler about not looking at it while we are on a date. Of course, he has terrible service (AT&T). If his speeds ever improve I may still be left behind…


      • I have an LG “slider” like what was popular about 7 years ago. It works well enough for me, and if I desperately need to search the net, it has a very crappy (but useable in an emergency) browser. I just like having the ability to text (it really pained me to say that) without the 10-key alphabet, though it throws me through a loop whenever there’s a phone number that uses the alphanumeric system! I should totally make up an index card with the numbers assigned to the letters to put into my glovebox for those situations.


  7. Totally agree. My 15 yo daughter complains about the girls talking on their phones in the school bathroom and thinks it’s totally gross. My neighbor will come over for coffee and then talk on her phone. And then she gripes how rude her daughter is…I kind of pointed out that rudeness is a learned behavior.


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