Bodice Block

This is a quickie update. Hubster and I finished the bodice block last night, and hopefully we’ll get to the sleeve block fairly soon.

Isn’t it a beaut?

Lookit how huge that armhole is! Weird, right?

Lookit how huge that armhole is! Weird, right?

If it looks fuzzy, it’s better when you click it–but it’s really hard to photograph pencil marks on white paper…or at least when  you are trying to get a shot that has everything in it.

So now if anyone has any cool tutorials about how to use these to their best advantage (I’m hoping to use it to superimpose over purchased patterns–not draft everything from scratch) I’d be eternally grateful.

And I also see some serious dart rotation in my future–I’m thinking a smallish one in the armscye and a french dart to take up the rest. Sound like a good idea? Any tips for eliminating the teeny shoulder dart on the back bodice?


7 thoughts on “Bodice Block

  1. Oh wow that’s cool and actually the armhole doesn’t look too huge from the pic, but I couldn’t make out the horizontal line labels …. Have you made it up yet? Please do show pics if you do – and how it fits will be interesting given the technique for getting the block.


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