Things that tick me off Thursday

Reviews. I love them, and truth be known, probably rely a bit too heavily on them. So I really get annoyed whenever someone writes a review on a product that they’ve never even tried, whether it’s positive or negative. An example that I found recently? “Tony C’s” review here. Personally, I loved the comment left on the review where my new hero said

No one gives a rat’s behind what you think of a product that you haven’t bought or used.

My sentiments exactly “A Tool Guy”, my sentiments exactly. Why bother to do that? And do they really think that’s useful to someone who is looking to purchase something?

I mean, I could say that someone should definitely buy that low-end Janome, because I’ve used a low-end Bernina, and they both sew pieces of fabric together, so I’m totally qualified to give you a review on a machine I’ve never seen or operated….right?! Uh, no. Sure, it’s a bit different than the example above which is over a simple product with minimal ways to screw it up, but the basic idea carries over everything. If you haven’t used it (or even seen it in person), don’t review it!!

The other thing I hate about reviews…or maybe at this point I should be saying one of the many other things I hate about people is that thing where they mark reviews as ‘unhelpful’ and the only reason that they seem to do it is by virtue of the fact that the reviewer disagrees with them. I mean, you can’t see exactly who did it, but it usually seems to correspond fairly closely with the number of reviews that are the opposite of the one being voted down. Really, check that out sometime, it’s mindblowing. (Unless the review really is irrelevant, and then that doesn’t seem to apply.)

That’s all for this time. I’m sure I’ll be able to rustle up another thing that ticks me off soon, because I know you love it. πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Oh, i am totally with you on this! I esecially hate a paatern review that trashes a pattern just because it looks bad or confused them. My skill level really isnt Burdas fault!


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