Never have I EVER

Wanted to look like trailer trash…unfortunately, there’s something* about this shirt that really just makes me feel like I should have 6 kids running around the trailer while I smoke a cigarette and shout obscenities [to the kids] and am barefoot and pregnant.

*And as it so happens, I think my husband has figured it out! He says it’s because the “straps” are too narrow–it looks like a wife-beater–and so it needs some sort of sleeves. Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of enough scraps to make a pair of sleeves.

Even if I could make sleeves though, I still wouldn’t wear it. It’s WAY too tight across the bust, and there’s a bit of poor pattern placement–on me, those red stripes look like they’re “cupping” my bewbs. Not really my best look. Let’s have a look at this catastrophe, shall we?


I will say that I’m not upset about this “fail” at all, it was supposed to be a muslin to test out the pattern for some better (non ugly/remnant) fabric. The fabric wasn’t even close to my taste, so unless it had surprised me by coming out amazingly awesome, it wasn’t going to get worn anyway. So no sympathy needed, it’s going to be fantastic as super soft undergarments. 🙂 And, I learned that I will like this shirt quite a bit once I figure out how to add in an FBA. 🙂

In other news, I have to give some serious kudos to the ladies at JoAnn’s. I’ve done my share of bashing JoAnn’s, and they’ve deserved it, but the gals the other day really came through for me. I needed some fabric to match some that I had bought at least a year ago to finish off that skort I’d talked about the other day. They happened to have a couple yards of it left on clearance, and they shipped it to me! 🙂 Yay! And they shipped it fast too! I ordered that fabric either Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was on my porch yesterday. And since I washed it and hung it on the line today, it’s ready to rock as soon as I am. 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend!


13 thoughts on “Never have I EVER

  1. Oh the red line of bewbness! Ha ha ha ha about the trailer trash image and interesting that its the lack of sleeves that make it seem more inclined that way too. It will be interesting to see what you think when you add the FBA to the pattern and make it up in a different fabric. Could you add cap sleeves instead?


    • It’s funny you mention cap sleeves, because that’s what my hubby suggested (can you tell that I force him to listen to me blather on about sewing? I guess though, he’s obviously paying attention, so I’m truly blessed!!) 😉

      The red line of bewbness, LOL! The only thing that could have made it “better” is if the red strip would have gone right across the center of the bewbs. 😯


      • You’re right. It could have been much much worse. The red line placement that is 🙂

        My hubs is wonderful at listening too – I only rarely get the thousand yard stare and uncomprehending nods!


  2. As a dweller in the land of trailer trash, I think you could style this to not look so if you perhaps threw on a little cardie, never wore it with flipflops and cut off jorts or held a mountain dew bottle while wearing it. I love the fabric- don’t give up!


  3. You COULD do what prttynpnk says (which sounds totally cute) OR you could totally embrace the white-trashness of it by bleaching your hair (except the roots!), pencilling on some sweet eyebrows, and lettin’ the cig hang out the side of your mouth while you swig cheap beer.


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