Non-clothes Sewing

Today I dusted off my cutting table, cleared the cobwebs off my sewing machine, and checked my rotary cutter for rust. I made a small but (in my world at least) necessary item. A car trash bag. And it’s rather cute if I don’t say so myself. πŸ˜‰ Originally there was supposed to be two of them, but it turns out I only had purchased enough fabric for 1.5 trash bags. This sort of thing happens to me a lot, not sure why…. 😳

So anyway, since it’s not worth another trip to Big J’s and another $15, I’ll just stick with one, thankyouverymuch. πŸ˜‰ But, I think I read somewhere that if there’s no pictures it didn’t happen, so here’s the pictures!!

Isn't that fabric cool?

Isn’t that fabric cool?

So that you can see my one modification

So that you can see my one modification

Already in the car!

Already in the car!

So I used this pattern here, which I thought was well-written and easy. I only made one modification, and that was to use a single strap with two black snaps instead of using two long ties and tying them into a bow. I figured I’m probably not coordinated enough to get all that tucked away neatly (at least not more than once or twice), and this way I never have to move the strap, I just unsnap the bag to dump it. Plus, you know, any excuse to smack something with a hammer. πŸ˜‰

Now the trick will be making sure that everyone uses it, especially the youngster!!


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