Now in technicolor!

OK, so not actually in technicolor, but there’s pictures–color ones even! 😉 I promised them today, and (here at least), it still technically is, even though I’m slacking and didn’t get them up this morning or early afternoon. I know, I know, but after going to the K-State game yesterday I was kind of tired and fighting off the beginnings of a cold. Yuck. Speaking of football (you’d be surprised to learn that I’m not actually a fan…at all…) apparently our KC Chiefs are kicking some serious ass this year–probably for the first time in my lifetime (maybe even my parents’ lifetime). Even if you aren’t a sports fan, it’s still kind of cool when your “hometown” (or in my case “home state”) team is doing really well. Sort of like last year when the Shockers were doing so well in basketball–we kind of got into watching the games as a family. And believe me, I’d take college basketball over any other sport…except maybe the Olympics. 🙂

So anyway, here are the pictures of the things I sewed the other day (minus the mending–I’m not that cruel. 😉 )

Reversible headband, I had to use a hair elastic since I didn't have any elastic thin enough.

Reversible headband, I had to use a hair elastic since I didn’t have any elastic thin enough.

I don’t think I mentioned it the other day, but I used a regular “ouchless” hair elastic since I didn’t have any thin elastic (mine was all 3/4″ or wider) if you have longer hair, it might work for you, because I don’t think you’ll see it. It will depend on the size of your head though.

There's two pillowcases, even though it looks like one oddly shaped one here.

There’s two pillowcases, even though it looks like one oddly shaped one here.

Also, I didn’t do the contrast band on these, just a bias strip (the packaged kind) in turquoise to break up the print. I don’t know that I recommend it though, because it made the side seam bulky and it didn’t want to lie flat. I’d probably use a single layer ribbon or something with a finished edge that doesn’t need to be doubled next time. And there will be a next time, I’m planning a couple more pairs so that we have a few to choose from. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m hoping to tackle some curtains for our basement. The ones that are there currently are probably the originals, so as you can imagine they are in kind of sad shape and are a fantastically ugly print. I’m just hoping I have enough fabric to do a decent job since I’m really hoping to “shop the stash” for these. I think it’ll work, but it might be a bit of a squeeze.

If I get them finished in time, I’ll probably start cutting out the squares for my quilt. I still haven’t found a good light-colored fabric to set off my others, but I have to take my car in to be repaired after a minor meetup with a deer, so I’ll have an opportunity to see what all the quilt stores of the city have to offer. 😉

I really have no idea how every post gets so wordy, but that’s how it is. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend, and maybe I’ll “see” you again sometime in the coming week! 🙂


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