Necessities for the tiny new overlord

I know I said I’d be making curtains, and I actually did start on them, but then I ran out of thread and decided to make some burp rags. It’s only getting closer to the deadline, and I’ve been really anxious about having everything ready as it is, so I thought today was a perfectly cool, rainy day for making baby supplies. I was out of the prefold diapers, so my normal burp cloth pattern was out, but I remembered that my neighbor had sewed up a couple for her son that were like this, so I made up a template (using the scraps of posterboard that came between the floor planks for our spare bath–I am finding all kind of uses for those!) and started cutting. About 15 minutes later, I had 3 new burp cloths! Aren’t they cute?

So cute!

So cute!

Best of all? These were made using scraps from PJ’s for my eldest. I was kind of excited about using the black monster fabric, it’s just so cute and makes me ridiculously happy whenever I see it. Is that silly? I almost wish I had bought more of it, but for these little projects the odd-shaped yard-ish that I have left will probably go quite a ways, and that will have to be good enough. 🙂

Any bib tutorials ya’ll recommend? What are you working on?

4 thoughts on “Necessities for the tiny new overlord

    • I’m feeling OK, the extra weight is starting to get to me and I get tired fairly quickly, but otherwise I’m doing well. I’ve only got until late January, so hopefully I can make it that long. And yes, we’re having a boy! 🙂


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