More baby stuff

I made bibs! I used the tutorial found here. I can’t remember exactly how big/small bibs are supposed to be for a newborn, but these look like they’ll be fine, and I put in an extra snap to make it adjustable (and it’s easy to add another snap if I need to). And I’m stashbusting all over the place lately, because these bibs were made using some fabric from either my eldest or from making burp rags for other people. 🙂

Found the perfect use for the last little bit of the adorable caterpillar fabric. :-)

Found the perfect use for the last little bit of the adorable caterpillar fabric. 🙂

How cute are these? I’ve never had a side opening bib before, so I’ll be curious to see how it stacks up against the typical back closing kind; though it seems like it should be easier–especially for little heads that can’t support themselves yet.

I also made a couple of fleece backed burp rags. I’m not sure how well the fleece will work, but it’s suggested as an insert for menstrual pads and such, so I figured it would be worth a try. Plus, I already had it leftover from a Halloween costume for the eldest a year or two ago, so I figured I’m not out anything but time if it doesn’t work. I decided to try a new shape, I’m not really sure if it’ll make any difference or not, but I like the way it kind of “hugs” my neck, so I think that it should work fine.

Not the best pic, but it'll do.

Not the best pic, but it’ll do.

Now my biggest problem is knowing how many I need! It’s been a lot of years since I had to care for a baby. 😮 The current count is 4 bibs, 5 burp rags.

6 thoughts on “More baby stuff

  1. I have never had kids, but my (incredibly limited) understanding is that you can’t have too many. Within reason, of course. Twenty would be good, one hundred would be overkill.

    I love making stuff like this, so small, cute, quick and satisfying. Enjoy the process!♥


  2. Cute, I love the monkeys! The book One Yard Wonders by Patricia Hoskins and Rebecca Yaker has some really nice baby patterns, for clothes and accessories. There is a little kimono jacket in it which was super adorable when I made it.


    • Thanks! Yep, I used no sew snaps, they’re easy to apply and a good stress reliever. 😉 I will try to remember to update on the fit when the baby gets here, but I’ll likely need a reminder for my sleep-deprived brain.


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