My machine has hairballs I’ve done so much sewing!

Well, OK, it did have hairballs. I cleaned them out a couple of days ago. All that fleece from making burp rags for a customer and myself made a disgusting little quilt under the needle plate and made my sewing machine sound more like a jackhammer. And if we’re being honest, I suspect I’ll be cleaning it out again here pretty soon because either there is a lot of fleece fuzz floating around in my sewing room or this quilting cotton is more linty than I anticipated, because my presserfoot looks like it’s trying to participate in no-shave November. And it’s been quite successful, I might add. 😉

Since I last blogged, I’ve made a dozen burp rags for a customer, another couple of bibs/burp rags for myself (I decided to hold off on making too many, just in case I ended up with more from friends/family), and pieced together most of a quilt.

Yes, you can back up and read it again if you like, but it really does say the words “piecing” and “quilt”. And I know that I said “never again” very emphatically after my last one, but….well, quilts that are ready made are not to my taste/style and expensive. This one is only expensive. Pictures or it didn’t happen, you say? Fine. Here’s a shot of it in it’s current unfinished state in my messy basement.

Click to make it bigger.

Click to make it bigger. If only that’s all it took to make it bigger in real life.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s rather pretty myself. 🙂 I really like the combo of the teal and the different shades of grey. There are actually going to be strips of white between each square, with little black squares at the corner of each of the big squares. As you can probably tell, there’s one more row that isn’t finished yet, and all of my white columns are still “in progress”–partly because I decided after laying it out last night that it needed to be a bit longer. This is going on my queen sized bed, and since my hubby is a “covers thief”, I want there to be some extra so that I don’t freeze! 😉

Wish me luck on wrapping this bad boy up here over the next week, I’m probably gonna need it! Also suggestions for backing would be appreciated. I was thinking a king-sized flat sheet? And the plan for quilting was using a twin needle on the outside of the “ditch”, would that look stupid or cool?


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