Last minute Christmas sewing

I took it easy on myself this year, I figured I had enough going on that I didn’t need to stress myself out trying to make up gifts for people. Thank goodness too, since I’ve recently caught myself a lovely cold. Which is a fantastic thing to have so close to the holiday season, let me tell ya.

So the first thing I made was a couple of pairs of hot pads using the tutorial found on the CraftyAsianGirl’s blog. One set was K-State (already wrapped before I thought to take a pic) and the other are these purple ones. Both sets used the same grey fabric as the “gonna get dirty” side, and you can see the K-State fabric I used in the picture. A couple of things I thought I might mention–there is only one “pocket” doing it the way she instructs, I changed it to add a second pocket because that’s how some premade ones I saw were. The second thing of note: if you are making these and a man would be likely to use them you’ll need to make them wider–they fit my delicate female hands just fine, but they don’t fit my hubby’s.

Aren't they cute? I sure hope they like them!

Aren’t they cute? I sure hope they like them!

The next thing(s) I decided to make was something I’m calling “sleepover pillows”. Basically, they are just a rectangular pillow with a handle on one side for carrying around the house (or to a friend’s house). The covers come off for washing, and I just used pillow forms from Jo-Ann’s–they are smaller than a bed pillow and easier for kiddos to carry around with them. I did 3 of them; one for my brother, one for my little sis, and one for one of my sisters’ “step daughter”. Brace yourself for some eye-searing psychedelic goodness!

Seriously, this pic doesn't quite capture the color saturation...

Seriously, this pic doesn’t quite capture the color saturation…

One thing that completely escaped me was making a gift for my son’s teacher. I had planned to make her either a baked potato bag or a rice heat pad. But, then I got sick and the kiddo got sick and it just never got done. 😦 It’s a bummer, but hopefully, other parents got her something cool and she’ll never miss something from us.

In the near future I’m hoping to sew up some more stuff for the baby, we’ll see how long it takes me to get to that, since the recipient hasn’t made it into the world just yet, and I’m a world class procrastinator. Previously that plan was to whip up a couple of swaddle wraps from here and a car seat cover (Kwik Sew 2997) for the baby. But then, Struggle came up with the Sewing for Little People Sew-Along, and I fell in love with the little newborn pants pattern she found on another blog. So now I’m hoping I can get all that stuff sewn up before the little guy gets here!!

How did everyone else do? Forget to get something made up like me? Plan everything well in advance and had a stress-free Christmas (NOT like me)?

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last minute Christmas sewing

  1. Good for you on getting any Christmas sewing done at all! And while pregnant- I’m so impressed! I did no xmas sewing at all. I really like those sleepover pillows. That’s a great idea.


    • Thanks! And the sleepover pillows seemed to be a hit with the kids, so I’m pretty happy about that. One of the kiddos even requested that I sew her a cape for her birthday–one with horses on it, so I think I can comply. 😉


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