New Year’s wishes and resolutions

Firstly, even though it’s a few hours away for most of my readers, I want to wish all of you a happy and blessed New Year! May the challenges be surmountable and the blessings many. 🙂

I know that we’ve got a lot of big changes coming with the new year, with a baby due in January, a move to a new city, and a major career change for my hubby–and that’s all before Spring is even over!! It will be exciting, to say the least, so I’m going to try to keep my resolutions to the do-able level.

My resolutions for 2014 are:

  • Treat people with the same courtesy and goodwill throughout the year that I exhibit during Christmas. Why should it be limited to November and December?
  • Do a better job of giving to charity. I always give the excuse of not having much to give, but I think it will help me remember that I am blessed–I have a home, a nice car, a healthy, beautiful family, and a wonderful husband who provides for us. Far too many others aren’t so lucky.
  • Purge my closet. I have so many things that I can’t/don’t wear for a multitude of reasons (mainly they don’t fit my body/lifestyle). Someone should be putting these clothes to good use!
  • Get out of my wardrobe rut. I feel like I’m constantly wearing the same thing–I need to break free! Especially if I’m going to be helping hubby with his new job, it’s probably a good idea to dress more appropriately, just in case. 😉
  • Get out of my sewing rut. I’d like to challenge myself with at least one garment this year–a blazer, perhaps? Or maybe a cute fitted jean/moto jacket?
  • Learn a new sewing technique, or at least master one I’ve tried before unsuccessfully.
  • Be better organized. I’m terrible about planning anything from a menu to a sewing queue. It makes my life unnecessarily hectic, and with a new baby, that’s likely to spell disaster and a blown budget. I actually did a pretty good job on that with my sewing room this year, which helped my miniscule productivity immensely, so I’d like to expand it beyond the sewing room. 🙂
  • Be a better mom. I’ve got a fantastic boy who’s already 7 and growing so quickly, I need to spend more time with him and less time plugged in. Sometimes I feel like my life is ruled by my computer, and I need to switch more of that focus to my kid (soon to be kids!) and even to my sewing and home life. I guess I need less inspiration and more perspiration. 😉

I think all of these resolutions are reasonable, since most of them are a mindset change. What resolutions are ya’ll scheming up?

One thought on “New Year’s wishes and resolutions

  1. I could write several blog posts about my goals, but I’m not going to 8-D. However, I will admit to setting myself a goal of dressing on the outside to match who I feel I am on the inside.

    You are sure going to have lots to deal with in the next couple of months, take care of yourself. When is the baby due?


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