Blue February and more baby stuff

See? I’m not dead. Somewhat zombie-like maybe, but not dead. 😉

I got sucked in. I love this sort of thing, and since I missed Jungle January this year *sob*, I decided to try and do something simple and small for Blue February. And I’m proud to say that in between feedings I managed to scrape together enough time to sew up 5 new blue burp cloths for the little guy.


I did the shark ones first, and then one evening I snuck down while hubby was home and did the 3 monkey ones. Not terribly original, but it’s the best I can do with a 1 month old! They’re so fast and are perfect for getting familiar with your machine again, because it’s sort of like riding a bike–you may not forget, but you definitely still need a bit of a refresh-your-memory session before trying the bike equivalent of motocross. 😉


Last week I also whipped up Kwik Sew 2997, since I didn’t get to make the car seat cover before the baby got here I had to make up for lost time. It turned out pretty good, I didn’t have any ribbing and didn’t really  have a way to get any, so I just used the same fleece I used for the rest of the cover. I can’t decide if the ribbing would have prevented the distortion of the opening, or if it’s just because my car seat has a slightly different shape than the pattern is designed for. Overall though, the pattern was easy to make and went together without a hitch. I may add a flap to cover the opening, even though there isn’t one included in the pattern. The cold is probably nearing it’s end for the year, but the prairie wind is a killer.

Currently I’m working on a pair of undies (boring, I know!) to replace the stretched out “ungrown” ones that I currently wear, but I’m out of scraps to make more with, so I guess I’ll be having to make up a couple of tees (tragic, I know 😉 ). I’ve got a couple of nice pieces of rayon jersey and no ideas of what to make with such a soft drapey fabric. I’ll have to paw through my stash to see what I even have for patterns, but feel free to suggest your favorite pattern that would be suitable for a lightweight drapey jersey, because any excuse to buy more patterns….. 😉

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