OMG I made a shirt!!

OK, laugh if you want, but it’s been the far side of forever since I’ve sewn something for me that other people can actually see, so I’m kind of excited. I decided to retry sewing Butterick 5495 that I had a wadder from a few years back. It’s made of a purple rayon jersey this time because the last one was a flop because of poor fabric choice. This rayon has drape to spare, so it’s perfect for this. But…

So pretty...*sigh*

So pretty…*sigh*

Turns out that I should really just use a damn measuring tape once in a while. Because clearly the size that I think I should be and the size that I currently am? They are *not* one and the same. They are close, but no cigar…whatever the hell that means. Either that or I got a bit too carried away with the fusible knit tape…maybe I should go with that one? Regardless, the blouse *juuuuuuuust* barely fits over the bewbs, (in a sports bra, no less!) and fits rather snugly underneath them. I mean, I’m all for showing off my smallest point and all, but not at the risk of popping my (rather pitiful) handsewn loopy thing wide open. So now I’m at the point where I try to decide if I should hem the sleeves (bottom is already hemmed) and hope that I continue to lose weight? Or just accept that my ribcage is probably not going to be shrinking any time soon (though it is 1″ bigger than it was when I was pregnant???) and probably hem the sleeves and donate it? I dunno. It’s sure cute though.

Also? I need to remember to put Mildred on a diet–her measurements are mine 20 lbs and one baby ago. And I thought this blouse was snug on me!!! I had to wrestle her to get it on!

So after I figure out what to do with this one, I guess I get to make up the undies I cut out of the scraps of this fabric (2 pairs yay!) and then maybe try my hand at making a robe-like thing to keep me warm–I’m thinking about the Lola from Victory Patterns paired up with a sweatshirting I have with owls on it…

9 thoughts on “OMG I made a shirt!!

  1. This is LOVELY! Of course, after having a baby, one’s sizing is all over the map. But rayon jersey is very good for managing changing shapes. I’m sure it looks gorgeous on you.


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