Refusing to be intimidated

It looks scarier than it is, I promise!

It looks scarier than it is, I promise!

What you’re looking at is an “elastic application foot”. I’ve had this little doo-dad for several years, I probably decided that it was rather crucial around the time I bought my serger. So crucial, in fact, that I can’t say that I’ve ever used it. Sometimes I’m a bit overdramatic, it happens. 😉

What prompted me to pull it out of hiding now, you ask? Great question, my darling reader! I just happened to remember that I had it when I went to apply some picot elastic to the edge of some knickers* because to be completely honest, fold over elastic is a royal PITA and I wasn’t feeling the love today. In fact, I hate applying it, and I always struggle to get the elastic stretched evenly so whenever I’m just past the middle I realize there’s no way I’m going to get that stuff stretched that far. Anyone else ever get that? Just me? Oh well. So I remembered this foot, prayed that I still had my Imagine’s instructional DVD (I did!) and Margaret Tully and I got down with the elastic foot. Turns out? It looks intimidating, but it’s actually really easy to use, and I think we might just be besties. Seriously, if you apply elastic to anything find the one for your serger and get after it. You’re welcome. 😉 The only thing better would be a coverstitch machine with a FOE foot, assuming such magic exists. 😉

*Such a lovely word, don’t you agree? Much better than the more utilitarian “underwear”.


2 thoughts on “Refusing to be intimidated

  1. I am totally intimidated by my serger in general, much less use another type of foot on it. I have been roped into a couple of swimsuits this spring and have been glancing over at the serger and had decided to give it a try. Guess I will take the plunge and get the elastic foot and give it a try too. Thanks for the helpful post!


    • I’ve heard a lot of people say that. I guess when I got my serger I was too dumb to know I should be intimidated. 😉 But then, I have the Imagine, which is so easy to use–I just have to push the pedal and guide the fabric. Really though, they aren’t too scary (unless you get your fingers too close to the cutting blade!) so just keep practicing! 🙂


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