Where oh where did my little tub go?

It seems that we’ve lost a few really random things in our move. So far we’ve been unable to locate:

  • An entire cosmetic bag–I had a decent amount of makeup and now it’s lost in the ether.
  • My hairdryer and curling irons. As you can probably guess, whether I like it or not, I officially don’t have a beauty routine…
  • The container that stows away all of my plastic grocery bags that we use to line the diaper pail. This sucks, probably worse than the first two things. Those buggers are kind of expensive.
  • My “sewing essentials” tub. This had my marking devices, seam rippers, buttonhole/eyelet chisels, fray check, one of those expensive Gingher seam razor blade things, and a few other bits ‘n bobs that are kind of crucial to sewing. Not only that, but they’re going to be kind of expensive to replace. 😥

I know that there’s always stuff lost in a move, but we’ve never lost this kind (or this much!) of stuff before.

In other news, the sewing room is nearly unpacked, organized, and ready to go. I’ve got a mess with the patterns, but we bought a “new” (ok, I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am) filing cabinet with like 5 drawers for the business, and I’m claiming the bottom drawer for the house stuff that’s currently residing in the lower drawer of my sewing room filing cabinet. So then I’ll have a second drawer in my little two drawer sewing room cabinet for the rest of my patterns. Yay! 🙂 If I fill that one up, there’s going to have to be a purge, because I want organization this time around.

Speaking of organization, does anyone have any good tips for storing the tracings they do of pattern pieces? That’s the one thing that my old sewing room seemed to be inundated with–bits of tissue paper pattern pieces that swirled around, got stepped on, wedged under the door, ripped on the ironing board, etc. It takes a lot of time to trace all those off, so I’d like a good way to store them that keeps them intact, but doesn’t require a lot of space/plastic baggies/etc. I think I’m going to do a better job of throwing the ones that didn’t work away though–I used to keep them to retrace smaller pieces on, but it just makes a mess…


Gratuitous sewing room photo/sneak peek.

Gratuitous sewing room photo/sneak peek.

2 thoughts on “Where oh where did my little tub go?

  1. I keep all my used patterns in gallon ziplock bags (dollar store quality), the paper pieces get folded and put back in the envelope (which is put in the ziplock bag), the traced pieces get folded and put in the ziplock bag, not in the envelope. I usually use plastic table cloths (available by the roll) for tracing my patterns and I have found that light colors (pale pink, pale yellow) are almost as see through as white, and are easier to find in the ziplock bag. I hope this makes sense.

    PS-that really sucks about all the stuff that has gone missing! When we moved once, the house we moved to had a washer and dryer and so the ones we moved didn’t get used. Guess where we found some missing items when we moved again? Inside the washer and dryer of course. The moral of the story: check inside other stuff.


  2. I’m already having moments of “where did that go?”. We borrowed a carpet cleaner from my parents. I know I saw the carpet attachments in my living room, do you think I could find them when I went to clean the carpets? So they were cleaned with the ceramic attachments. Not as thorough I suppose but it was good enough. Magic eraser did a better job for the dirt that is at the base of the baseboards anyhow.

    I’m like ElleC. I have a mix of ziplock bags and comic book bags (I like the comic bags a lot for the record, a bit thinner). I’m a tracer too and it just doesn’t fit back into the envelope.


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