It’s Quilticated

I’m having a bit of a strange feeling right now. After I finished wrangling the last seam of the quilt through the machine, I just kind of sat there, unsure of what to do. All that’s left is trimming off the excess and sewing on a binding (which I still haven’t figured out what to make the binding out of), and it’s ready to toss in the wash and then on our bed. But I’m just feeling kind of strange about it. It’s so close to done and yet….I don’t know that I like it. Oh sure, I’ll use it, I spent too much money on it to hide it in the closet, but I’m just not sure I like it. Maybe it was the quilting, maybe it was the serious space of time between choosing the fabrics and finally quilting it, I don’t know. And maybe after I’ve put it on my bed I’ll love it again–after all, the fabrics are gorgeous.

Actually, while this was in “draft” mode, I found what I think may be the perfect binding. It’s the fabric from the teal blocks. I’ve tracked some down, and I just need to figure out how much I need before pulling the trigger. I should probably do it soon though, before I change my mind and go a totally different route–dragging this project on even longer.

3 thoughts on “It’s Quilticated

  1. This is a tricky place to be – ask me how I know. I think you have to keep on and put it on your bed and decide what you think at that point. Having said this, I gave away that vest I finished on the weekend. Actually spent an additional 20 bucks to ship it to Andrea ( because I know I’m never going to wear it. I just don’t like it.


    • I’m hoping that’s not where I end up with this quilt. I put so much time and effort (and money!) into it, that I’ve got to make it work. And I think it’ll be fine, once I get the nerve (and the fabric) to finish it.


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