Sewing plan

I need a sewing plan, one that I can stick to. So many basics haven’t fit correctly since Scotch came into my life, so I’ve worn old t-shirts or my JJ blouse (whenever it’s clean and sometimes when it isn’t! 😳 ) pretty much constantly for the last 6 months (the prior 2 I still wore my maternity shirts–don’t judge). I had a pair of Anne Taylor slacks that fit me a couple of years ago that are so big now that they get all wadded up under the belt, so those need replaced. I’m still wearing unmentionables that I sewed before the pregnancy and wore during it, so you can imagine how stretched out those are…

So yeah, my wardrobe is SAD. Heaven help me if I have to dress nice for a couple of days in a row (especially if I’m seeing the same people), because I literally don’t have anything like that anymore.

So here’s my plan for the short (oh who am I kidding?!) term:

  • Slacks. I have several nice fabrics that would be perfect for this in the stash, and I also have several patterns that should work.
  • Unmentionables. Top and bottom–I need them all, but I’m probably only going to sew the bottoms, the tops need more work than I can dedicate in the near future. I’ve got fabrics galore, and a couple of pattern options to choose from.
  • Dressy tees/blouses. Simple, quick, and cute is what I’m going for on this. Again, I have plenty of fabric in my stash to make this work, I just need to get on it.
  • PJ’s for the baby. Scotch is tall and somewhat chubby; RTW baby clothes are short and super chubby…I can buy bigger onesies and they work OK–PJ’s though, the feet need to be snug so they stay put and RTW just isn’t delivering. Plus they’re all so heavy, and Scotch is as hot-blooded as they come.

I’m terrible at sticking to plans, but this time I’m hoping I can do it. Do you stick to a plan? Or do you not even bother with them?

4 thoughts on “Sewing plan

  1. I think there is value in plans, even if it’s just a list of things you’d like to do. I think where things get derailed is when we feel guilt for not finishing the projects that really, were never ALL going to happen. I know I get a bit indecisive when I stand looking at all the fabric and all the options… a list like you have above gives me a place to go back and remind myself of what I thought were priorities and just start with one of them.

    What I like about your list is there are quite a few things you can feel accomplishment quickly – like the unmentionables or baby pj’s. Even a dressy top doesn’t have to be complicated. Get a few wins under your belt an you’ll feel a whole lot better.


  2. I think you are absolutely right–the guilt is definitely where things start to fall apart. This time I tried to keep my list somewhat generic–I’ve found that when I try to list specific patterns/fabric, then I get rebellious and nothing gets done.


  3. The best things about my plans is that because I made them I also get to change them. And I do so without feeling guilt.

    I have sewing plans for myself that are similar to yours. I’ve lost weight and now fit into work shirts that haven’t been used for a long time. But my casual clothes and work pants are awful. So I need to sew to replace everything.

    I intended to start with pants but found myself making tops. Oh well! I did make two pairs of pants but they no longer fit. And yet I’m still plotting tops.


    • I wish I had hung on to some of the stuff from my lower-weight days, but I had gotten rid of the last of them in preparation for the recent move, so I don’t even have those to fall back on EEP! I’m planning to start with slacks–tired of wearing jeans to everything–but I’ll probably find myself making tops as well, since those are the patterns that are interesting me right now…


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