Ugh! Why do I torture myself so?

Today I did a kettlebell workout for the first time in…well, let’s just not go there, shall we? Anyway, as I was doing it, I realized that I was gonna have to do some shopping. My several-year-old worn-through-a-pregnancy sports bra just wasn’t up to the job. My muscles weren’t the only things a bit sore after that. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the torture–the torture was the visit to Old Navy afterwards. The options around here for sports bras is kind of limited, and so is my budget, so I thought I’d check them out and maybe pick up a couple of nicer-than-I-have-now t-shirts while I was at it. <–Stupidest. Idea. Ever. Ok, well, maybe not quite as stupid as this:

Image found via Google

But still, it was pretty close. Partly because I *never* find anything there that I like, but mostly because the quality is exceptionally bad. Seriously, I tried on a sweater thingy and I could literally see my bra through it!! Yes, yes, light colored stripes, dark colored bra, yadda yadda, but still–it’s a freaking sweater. And don’t even get me started on the weirdly square shoulder points that were on everything I tried (and no it wasn’t from hangers–they were all folded). How do people wear that stuff and think it’s acceptable? If you’re looking for 1980’s power-suit-turned-sweater-like-shirt (and it didn’t even have shoulder pads–it simply defied gravity!) Old Navy’s gotcha covered. I will say that I was *thisclose* to buying a K-State tee from there because it was cute, but when I tried it on I realized that I’d constantly be pulling on it–I can’t put my finger on it, but something was off enough to have it twisting up and over my chest in the 30 seconds I was wearing it. Plus it was $22…I’m not going to pay extra for the privilege of pulling my shirt down all the time.

Someday I’m going to have to learn…I just am too picky to buy clothes anymore. Or at least not clothes that are in my current budget. So I guess I’m either going to have to “cheat” at a different store, or my sewing productivity is going to have to undergo a massive increase.

And in case you were wondering, I never did end up buying a sports bra….

8 thoughts on “Ugh! Why do I torture myself so?

  1. That picture is fantastic. The person taking the picture is the smart one. LOL I’ve given up on shopping RTW. A waste of time and gas money only to be disappointed. Get sewing!


  2. I HATE shopping. And it’s not like I have an abnormal body shape. I work out and I’m well within my bmi, but damn the clothes in stores do NOT fit. You are not alone. And Old Navy is the worst.


    • I never really thought I had an abnormal body shape, but yes, clothes in the store don’t fit. Mostly because they are designed for someone with a waist–I never had one, even when I was a size 0. But back then I could fudge it with jeans that sat on my hips, with my current “mom pudge”, I’m not sure that would be a good idea.


  3. I apparently do all of my commenting two months late, and in one batch. Apologies. I have sports bra stuff! So, I just bought a $6 ON sports bra, just to see. Um. No.

    However! Gap T-back sports bras are awesome, and will probably hover around 50% off for the remainder of the month. I’ve heard good things about the Champion for Target ones, but would not trust them through a spin class. Le sigh. But! You could very well make one. (I’ve recently gotten back into/obsessed with the exercise, and have been hunting for the perfect sports bra, so I have very many feelings about it.) Do return to your regularly scheduled programming.


    • Hahaha! It happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Re: bras, I went with a suggestion from K-Line and bought a shock absorber–that thing is awesome, mine was like $50, but worth every cent!! Do make sure you get the right band size (you should need an extender at first) because it doesn’t have great recovery.


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