Fabric help needed!

I’m working on a shirtdress from Burda that calls for denim as the only fabric choice. On PR, it’s only been reviewed twice, but neither time with with denim. I found what I thought would be the perfect fabric, a stretch poplin in a gorgeous dark turquoise/peacock color at Hancock’s, but it wrinkles a lot worse than I had hoped and I’m nervous that it might be too lightweight. TBH, I was hoping to find a stretch sateen, but this poplin forced me to buy it.

Anyway, my questions are:

  • I’ve heard that you can line linen and such to make it less wrinkled, since this is a summer dress, can I line the skirt only and have the same basic effect?
  • Or do I need to line the whole dress?
  • What should I line it with to keep it cool?
  • Is poplin too lightweight to make a dress like this? I’m starting to worry…



5 thoughts on “Fabric help needed!

  1. I think poplin would probably work; I’m kind of surprised they say to use denim because the fabric they used doesn’t look heavy at all, just a bit heavier than shirt-weight. If you want it to be a bit crisper, you could line it with something crisp, like batiste.


  2. Ive never heard of lining linen to lessen wrinkles but its worth a try.
    To keep anything cool, use a cotton lining only – no synthetics & yes, I think you could get away with lining just the skirt if its possible. Its hard to judge the weight of the poplin from the image TBH. A chambray might work well for this type of shirt dress too. Good luck.


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