Know when to walk away…

Many thanks to Kenny Rogers for that little tidbit of advice.

Anyway, as I posted yesterday, I am working on a birthday dress. The dress in the Burda mag seemed like a winner, with an open neckline and a slim-ish skirt. Sadly, after basting it together today, I’m walking away. I’ve always been told that with my body shape an empire line is best, but I’ve always just wanted to ignore that, since I haven’t seen many empire lines that I love. (This blouse, the exception.) As it turns out, they say those things for a reason. The shape made me look more like a brick than I’d prefer–a pretty peacock colored brick, but a brick all the same. I will also say that it’s a teeny bit too big for me, which being a plus-size pattern doesn’t really shock me too much, but I thought I might be able to get away with it.

I’ve even got pictures of the unflattering-ness (and evidence of my messy sewing room! 😳 ) to share since I know that I love it when people are realistic about their fails. (Click to enlarge. Right pic is more color accurate, BTW.)

So, even though the dress didn’t work out, it’s OK. I’ve got plenty of this fabric to make something else out of (I’m thinking maybe the blouse from V1440? It even calls specifically for stretch poplin!) And maybe a birthday dress isn’t really what I should make anyway–I seldom wear dresses, and my ideal birthday date isn’t exactly dressworthy. (It’s going two-stepping with my husband, in case you were wondering. 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Know when to walk away…

  1. Finished, I think this may look really nice on you actually, but if you’re not happy with how it’s turning out it’s best to turn it into something you will feel comfortable wearing. I saw the basted dress first then saw the pattern packet. Since i’m roughly the same shape as you, I can understand your disappointment between our reality and the twig thin model with a well endowed upper half but personally I think it could work out if you ever change your mind about it.


  2. Have you thought about a skirt and blouse that would look like a dress if worn together but give you more options afterwards? I like the blouse (particularly the back design), but have reviewers said anything about bra straps? Seems a little narrow at the shoulder blades…


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