Woodworking neglect

There’s a reason my blog is called splinters and stitches, and it has to do with the other hobby–woodworking. So here’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on the last few months (or in one case almost a year! 😳 )

Last October-ish, we installed new windows in the toy room and our bedroom, I finally finished that job last month (and this post has been waiting for pics since then!). The trim has been up and stained for a while, but when we put the new windows in, the opening was slightly different, so we had to adjust the trim location, which meant that we had to do some drywall puttying, priming, and then painting. Which sucked. But, we got it done, and if you follow me on instagram, you got to see the whining that accompanied it. 😉 I’m only showing you the toy room pic because honestly, the trim and windows are exactly the same, and the wall color is still green, just a different shade, so it would just look like I forgot the flash or something anyway.


Right before we moved here last summer, we started a pair of nightstands…and they still aren’t finished. They are however, nearly fully assembled (there was some warping issues with the drawers, so I have to recut and redo those. But check out how beautiful the tops are!

WP_20150429_09_13_15_ProThe last thing I made was a little something to help tame the toys. My kids are terribly spoiled with toys, and even with a whole room for storage/playing, the setup just wasn’t working. So I built these shelves which–while not perfect–are quite lovely, and do the job admirably. 🙂

If you are wondering, every piece of wood here is stained using the exact same stain color, American Walnut from Rustoleum. NAYY, hell, I just discovered the stuff when I wanted to stain the window trim. I actually love it though, because it’s so easy to put on, and those pieces are all done with a single coat. Amazing, and it *almost* makes staining less of a PITA. Almost.

Well I hope that my fellow Americans had an enjoyable holiday weekend. May we never forget those who laid down their lives so that we can be free.

2 thoughts on “Woodworking neglect

  1. Whoa! You’re so talented. I thought the splinters were from your pressing clapper, or something.

    There are woodworking classes in Rockville, and I’ve been seriously considering taking one. How’d you start woodworking?


    • Thanks! 😉 We actually started because we were dead broke and our son needed a bed/storage since he’d outgrown his crib. We’ve always been kind of “handy” though, see above re: dead broke. I think if you want to take the classes go for it, but honestly, you’ll learn just as much (and possibly for less money) at the school of hard knocks. 😉 And wood can be salvaged and reused, so if you fail, take it apart and use it for something else. Have fun!


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