It’s only taken a year or so…

But I finally finished my quilt! I am contemplating going back over all my white stitches with a black sharpie, but otherwise this quilt is DONE. And OMG, it’s gorgeous!! So incredibly hard to photograph, but gorgeous. The “in progress” pics are here and here, if you’re interested. I don’t remember having any major difficulties, aside from 1) not being sure I loved it and 2) wrangling a queen sized quilt under a standard home sewing machine is a bit of a trick. And the gals at the quilt shop on the far side of town were phenomenal when I went in needing something (and having no idea what that was, TBH), to bind the quilt with, and they showed me how to actually do the binding. So now I’m the proud new owner of a little laminated card that tells me how to sew on a binding, just in case I ever decide to try my hand at another (much smaller!!!) quilt. 😉 And yes, the little card was a bit pricey, but I don’t mind at all because the gal took probably half an hour to show me how to assemble the strips, do the mitered corners, and she even cut some of the strips and one edge of my quilt for me! They even gave me a little sample quilt corner that shows what the mitered corner looks like IRL, so I’ll be prepared should I ever want to try again.


The colors here are fairly accurate, even that teal square in the middle came out pretty close. Also, you’ll notice that two of the blocks look patchworked–they are, I was too cheap to buy more fabric and needed some extra length. So I used some scraps to make 4 more blocks.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of it. It came out exactly as I had hoped, except that it took a lot longer. And to think the part that I procrastinated on the most was the second easiest part…


9 thoughts on “It’s only taken a year or so…

  1. Congratulations on completing your QUEEN-size quilt on your machine! I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you were to shout it from the rooftop that the quilt is done. In fact, go do that now… Love the colors and the blocks. Great job.


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