Wait! Where did June go?!?!

Since my last post it has been crazy here, and in that whirlwind of activity I have done some sewing, but it’s all boring stuff like pillowcases and pajamas for Scotch and a couple of “neck coolers” because it’s been fucking A HOT around here. Mostly though, I’ve been doing planning–I have a brother in law getting married in early September that I helped with a shower for the bride to be, and then there was a milestone birthday party for Irish and that basically ate up June. And of course, we can’t forget harvest and swim lessons! I always tell people “we’re pretty much home whenever”, but then I look back and that never seems to ring true. It feels like we don’t have anything going on, but when I look back, it feels like we haven’t stopped “going” for….I don’t know, ever. Know what I mean?

Anyway, so when I was at my in-laws on Sunday, they were all bothered about getting hotel rooms reserved in this tiny town where the wedding will be. At first, I was all “pshh”, but then I realized that we’re basically halfway through July and I’m not sure where June went. So it got me to thinking about the fact that I have no idea what to wear to this event. I’ve been told that it’s bad juju or something to wear a black dress to a wedding, so that eliminates my Christmas Dress. I ruined my Easter dress in the wash (*sob*), it might be salvaged for less “dressy” occasions, but… 😦 I have this maxi dress, but it’s kind of itchy to wear for long periods of time (but so pretty!). And that pretty much is all the dresses I own.

Honestly, I don’t even know if I want to wear a dress or not. This isn’t helped by the fact that September on the plains is notoriously unpredictable. It could be blazing hot or windy and chilly. Well, it’s nearly guaranteed to be windy, I suppose. 😉 If I do go for a dress though, I waded through Lekala’s website for ideas and came up with these:

Lekala 5962. Not in love with the weird hem, but otherwise it’s OK.

Lekala 5960. Another halter dress. Not totally sold on the color blocking, but I think it could be cute–I struggle with line drawings sometimes.

5463. OK, so I know I’m crazy, but I’m envisioning this with long fringe at the bottom instead of a flounce. #Redneck 😉

4451. This one almost feels like the “safe” choice. I just worry about my belly pulling those pleats open unattractively…though, it is supposed to be made to measure, and my little 3D gal is scarily accurate…

4437. This one might be my favorite of this bunch. That neckline is scandalously low for an event with such a religious group of people though. On the other hand, I have a pretty awesome rack that won’t last forever, so maybe should I flaunt it while I still can. 😉

I don’t know, at this point nothing is set in stone. I tend to be more comfortable in pants, so maybe I should find a nice blouse pattern instead. I just wasn’t seeing anything that screamed “wedding”. What would you do? Like any of the dresses above? Think I should find a nice blouse and rock some slacks?

8 thoughts on “Wait! Where did June go?!?!

  1. Many nice patterns here. If you’re unsure about a dress, why not a pair of palazzos in a sumptuous crepe with a nice top, dressy pants? And the top dress could just be shortened to right above hip, it will look great as a top – and the you don’t need to worry about the “strange” hem.


    • BTW – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Why not take the bottom dress, chops if off a bit below waist, add a fringe and have the best redneck top ever? Basically, imo patterns are canvases to play with. Use them as starting points and personalise them. nods


    • I’m liking the palazzo idea, I even found McCall’s 6965 or maybe the Winslow Culottes from Helen’s Closet which might be a good starting point. Not sure if I would like the last dress made into a top as much as I like it as a dress, but I’ve got a credit to use up, so…

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  2. I think my fave is the last one, though I love the fringe idea too. But baring that much cleavage in front of religious family members seems irresistible to me. (However, I’m not the one who has to live with them after. 😉 )

    Good luck!!!!


    • Oh it’s irresistible to me too, I love my IL’s to death, but I do feel a bit smothered by their religiousity sometimes. But at least they practice what they preach (and not in an obnoxious way)!

      And yay for another fringe supporter! 😀


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