Things that tick me off Thursday

Today’s peeve isn’t really sewing related, except for the hypocritical moment I admit to at the end…

As you all know, I’ve got two boys. And when you have kids–boys or girls–you quickly realize that they need stuff. Plastic cups that have straws, plastic plates that don’t shatter when they hit the floor, training pants, potty seats, toothbrushes, shoes, etc,. etc.

WHY DOES EVERY ONE OF THOSE THINGS HAVE TO HAVE A STUPID CHARACTER ON IT?????!!!!! I don’t WANT shoes with Ninja Turtles or toothbrushes with Elmo, I just want a pair of nice looking shoes and a toothbrush that does its job!!! My sons don’t need all this licensed character crap, they just need the basics. And frankly, someone needs to tell these people that those shoes with characters on them are fugly. Same with the bicycles–why is it impossible to find a bike that isn’t either pink with a goddamn princess on it or green/blue with a effing superhero on it?! How about a bike that’s gender neutral without a character so that should I have a daughter in the future (God, please no!) I don’t have to buy a new bike for her. And don’t even get me started on those stupid faux motocross bikes that are ubiquitous today.

Now, having shouted all that (sorry!), I will admit to one time that I’d like the option of more character stuff, and that is fabrics to make pajamas for the boys from. The occasional Thomas and Friends print just doesn’t quite cut it for me. And while my kids are John Deere fans from the womb, those prints are often ugly too, and so I skip them when I’m hunting for fabrics.

Who’s with me on this?

6 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Totally with you! Nothing wrong with character stuff but we should have a choice. And it’s gotten so you can’t even get certain adult things without characters on them. I saw some slipper socks that looked just perfect, exactly what I was looking for – a real slipper sole, not just a few anti-skid dots but not too bulky (and horribly expensive) like the Acorn slipper socks. But there was one big problem with them. They all had characters on them. These were adult slipper socks and they all had Hello Kitty, Frozen, Spongebob and several other characters. Really ticks me off!


  2. This blog entry actually made me laugh out loud. We have chronic joke in our house about how my kids (now adults) never got to have character clothes. They claim that they envied their playdate’s Elmo overalls in every molecule of their being. NOW, however, they are thankful and even a little proud of theit mom-made classy (and NON-COMMERCIAL!) kid’s clothes. They say that they can look at school pics without imagining the $$ that was pouring into the Disney franchise.


    • I’m sure that I wanted the character stuff when I was a kid (I don’t remember, but will assume I did), but since most of my clothes were hand-me-downs I didn’t get a lot of choice about what my clothes had on them. Looking back, I was so hard on clothes, it’s no wonder I rarely got anything new! 😛


  3. I am SO with you. And I don’t even have kids! But I know if I were a parent this would drive me absolutely nuts. I don’t even like wearing T-shirts with obvious logos on them, let alone having my house full of “licensed merchandise”!

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