I’m bored…

With basically my entire aesthetic. I have no idea what I want to replace that with though. I’d like to step into something a bit different, but not drastically so. I’ve done the t-shirts and jeans thing for the better part of a decade, and I’m bored.

Not so bored that I want to suddenly start doing my makeup every single day (!!!) or wear frilly dresses (!!!), but small changes. Something to change it up a bit and get me out of my comfort zone before I turn into one of those people who wears yoga pants everywhere. OK, actually, I’ve been more of a ratty t-shirt and jeans person, but you know what I mean. 😉

So, in honor of MeMadeMay, instead of a daily roundup of stuff that I’m wearing every day, I want to see how much stuff I can make to replace the things that I’ve had to throw away. My goal is to make at least 4 new shirts that aren’t just a boring t-shirt (though there might be a couple of those too!) to replenish my dwindling clothes that are fit to be seen in public. (I threw out a bunch of old holey ones, so now I’m forced to take action.) Given my time constraints, I don’t forsee them being super elaborate or all different patterns, but I need nice wearable basics. I feel like one a week is a reasonable amount, where I can still spend time with my family, help with house projects, and whatever else we have going on before summer break hits.

Anyone else ever get bored with their closet? What sort of things do you make when you have “nothing to wear”?


8 thoughts on “I’m bored…

  1. So far my favorite “I’m bored and I want to sew something different” pattern/item/garment/whatever is/was Tessuti’s free pattern Our Fave Top. It was free, and I thought I had nothing to lose. It worked, I loved the pattern, and when I find some nice natural fiber knits, I will make more. Another boredom buster I made in the past was the Scout tee. Good luck.


  2. Well, last time I got bored with jeans and a T shirt I dove headlong into the frilly dresses so I’m not likely to be much help. T shirts with fun details? Button shirts or blouses? Tunics? 😂 I’d love to see a roundup of patterns you’d like to try.


    • LOL! I’m thinking t-shirts with fun details and blouses. I like to make my shirts longer, but I’m not keen on the stereotypical “tunic”. I should do a roundup–it would encourage me to dig through my out of control stash…

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  3. I definitely get bored with my look. I’ve had a rather preppy look since my school days, and while I try and try to edge into something else, I keep coming back to the same basic look. Boo. I decided that it’s ok to have an office look and a non office look. Definitely still preppy for the office, but a bit more edgy at home.


    • The look I prefer just seems…odd? now that I’m not a 90 lb college student. All of the things I could wear back then I loved and would still wear, but they wouldn’t work for my current body and haven’t since my 10 year old came along!


  4. I know the feeling and unfortunately I don’t know the solution. I know 3 things that inspire me to get dressed is 1/ spying on clothes at expensive department stores where I can’t afford anything 2/ fabric shopping and 3/ shopping at consignment / second hand stores. Hope it helps!!

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